Pure Urbanism: A mini soap opera

Mid-WYFE Chronicle presents…

Pure Urbanism – The mini soap

when pure love and pure lust isn’t enough for your lifestyle

Let’s introduce the characters:

Nathaniel Nelson and Robyn Blackstone have been dating for 5 years and have lived together for 3 years. They have yet to get married and are both satisfied with their status or are they?

George and Phyllis Myers have been married for 25 years and are now struggling to keep it all together. Their 3 kids, Michael, Marcel and Makalia are all out of the house starting their new family. Marcel has recently come out to his family and his dad, George, is struggling with accepting his lifestyle.

Kimmy Reese and Tammy Ford have been best friends since college. Both ladies now struggle with the dating scene. Kimmy is looking for a husband and Tammy is fighting love and just looking for the next one night.

Daniel Kline and Maria Sims have been childhood friends who have struggled to keep it strictly friends. Both are in a new relationship, Daniel of 1 year and Maria of 6 months. Can they last in their relationships without another slip-up?

In today’s episode: We get to know the characters and what’s going on in their lives

Scene 1 [Nathaniel sits up on the side of the bed and looks out the window. He smiles and then runs to the closet to grab a small box for Robyn. He comes back to the bed and kneels on Robyn’s side of the bed.]

Nathaniel: Wake-up baby.

[Robyn struggles to open her eyes but immediately sits up in bed when she sees Nathaniel on bend and knee. Pure shock rushes across her face.]

Nathaniel: Happy Anniversary. You know I thought I would never make it to this day.

[Nathaniel proceeds while opening up the box.]

Nathaniel: You know I love you Robyn and I have loved you since I first saw you 5 years ago. Will you please do me the honor of being my wife?

[Robyn gets from under the sheets to sit up directly in front of Nathaniel. She puts her hand on the box and closes it.]

Robyn: Nathaniel when are you going to stop this? I told you I don’t want to get married. I’m happy with how we are right now.

Nathaniel: But I want you to be my wife Robyn. Why can’t you give me that?

Robyn: Because I’ve given you enough. We have this nice apartment; I changed jobs so I could be closer to you…why can’t you just be happy with that?

Nathaniel: Robyn I want a family.

Robyn: I can give you a baby…just not now and we don’t have to get married for that.

[Nathaniel stands up, turns and puts the ring back in the top of the closet and turns back to Robyn.]

Nathaniel: Robyn you WANT to be my baby momma and not my wife? That makes no sense woman.

[Robyn stands up and wraps her arms around Nathaniel’s neck.]

Robyn: Can we just enjoy the day? I’m tired of talking about this all the time. We are fine just how we are.

[Nathaniel looks away and Robyn brings his face back to her.]

Robyn: Come on. Let’s take a shower.

[Robyn leads Nathaniel to bathroom to take a “Happy Anniversary” shower…]

End Scene 1


Scene 2 [Kimmy wakes-up and calls Tammy. Tammy picks up the phone with a scratchy morning voice. ]

Tammy: Hello?

Kimmy: Hey girl! Did you go home with that guy last night?

Tammy: Who? Jonathan?

Kimmy: No I know him, the other guy, the short one…

Tammy: Oh Anthony. Yeah he’s lying right next to me knocked out. You know I laid his ass out right.

Kimmy: Girl I don’t know how you do it night after night. Don’t your coochie get exhausted?  I mean does it ever get to breathe?

Tammy: Shut up. You need to stop being so stingy with yours and let go. Mr. Right is out there somewhere but Mr. Right now is next door boo boo.

Kimmy: I swear you’re going to catch something that you can’t find a cure for.

Tammy: Yeah a rich man with a fat one!

[They both laugh.]

Kimmy: Well I was calling to let you know that I do have a date tonight. I met him online. His name is Gary and he sounds perfect.

Tammy: Bitch you think every man is perfect at first.

Kimmy: Look we have a lot in common. We are both Libras and we love seafood. And we both love to shop.

Tammy: Really? You need to be careful with a man that can admit that he loves to shop but whatever.  I’m going to go ahead and get up. I need to get home and get ready for my date tonight with Jonathan. I’ll talk to you later.

Kimmy: You’re so bold. The guy is right next to you but I know you don’t care. Alright girl. Have fun!

Tammy: Don’t I always. Bye.

[They both hang up the phone.]

End scene 2

Scene 3 [Daniel and Maria meet for lunch at the Sushi House to give life updates. The last time they talked was before Maria got in her relationship, 6 months ago. Daniel stands up to greet Maria with a hug and they both proceed to sit down in the booth.]

Maria: Long time no hear Danny. How have you been?

Daniel: Missing you.

[Daniel grabs for Maria’s hand and Maria takes it back.]

Maria: Danny, you’ve got to stop this. We decided to do the friend thing so that’s what we are sticking to.

Daniel: I know but I think about you all the time when I’m with her. I can’t help it. Don’t you miss me?

[Maria looks at him and then gets the attention of the waiter. The waiter rushes over.]

Waiter: Good afternoon guys. How can I help you?

Maria: I’ll take a Cosmo.

Waiter: And for you sir?

Daniel: Just water, thank you.

[The waiter rushes away.]

Daniel: Maria you can ignore the question all you want but I know the truth.

Maria: You don’t know anything. I’m happy with him and that’s it. We are moving on. It just won’t work with us. Hell you’ve been with her for over a year.

[The waiter comes back with Daniel’s water and Daniel takes a quick sip.]

Daniel: What does she have to do with us?

Maria: Are you serious right now. You can’t be so let’s talk about something else. How’s the construction business going?

Daniel: Maria I miss you. You are still my best friend and I know I’m still yours. Are you going to let him destroyed that?

[The waiter brings over Maria’s Cosmo and she takes a long sip.]

Maria: Danny you will always be my best friend. No one will ever break that.

Danny: I really do love you Maria.

[Maria takes his hand and they grin at each other.]

End Scene 3

Scene 4 [Scene begins with Phyllis in the kitchen cooking dinner and George is in the living room watching TV. The door opens and Michael and Marcel enter the house.]

Michael and Marcel: Hey Dad!

[George looks up at them and then looks back down at the TV.]

George: Hey.

Marcel: Hey Mom!

Phyllis: Hi boys. How are y’all doing?

Michael: We’re good, just coming from the gym.

Phyllis: Still playing ball…y’all aren’t too old yet?

Marcel: Naw, not yet. I still like to get out when I can get away.

Phyllis: Oh yeah you have a new guy. How’s that going?

George turns and looks at the kitchen clock and turns back and grabs his keys. He heads for door.

George: I’ll be back dear.

Phyllis: Where are you going…oh never mind.  Can you run by the store and pick me up some milk, cereal, butter pecan ice cream, vegetable oil, Crisco, peanut oil, a bag of licorice, waffles, eggs and a pack of gum?

[George turns towards Michael on the couch and begins to whisper.]

George: You know your momma smokes weed, right? She’s got the munches.

[Michael grins and Phyllis steps out the kitchen to look at George.]

Phyllis: It’s for my Glaucoma.

George: Yes dear.

[George leaves the house quickly and Marcel and Phyllis finish their conversation.]

Marcel: I wonder where dad is going.

Phyllis: Well dear you know he is still adjusting to your newer lifestyle. Plus he is always leaving to just get a break from me. That’s what happens when you’ve been married as long as we have.

Marcel: I don’t understand why it’s so hard. I haven’t brought anyone around and I am still the boy he raised.

Phyllis: I know sweetie. Just give him some time. He will adjust; he can just be stuck in his ways. Hell I still try to get your dad to take me out but he would rather stay home and sit underneath each other. He’ll catch up to the times. Just wait and see.

[Phyllis continues to cook breakfast and Marcel heads to the living to watch TV with Michael.]

End scene 4

Scene 5 [Scene starts with Kimmy and her date, Gary, walking to their table in the restaurant. He politely takes out her chair and seats her. Then he sits down. The waiter comes quickly to the table.]

Waiter: Good evening. My name is Walter and I will be happy to serve you tonight. Can I start you off with some drinks?

Gary gestures to Kimmy to order her drink and she does.

Kimmy: I’ll take a Chardonnay.

Waiter: And for you sir.

Gary: Give me a strawberry Mojito.

Kimmy give Gary a side glare but brushes off the thoughts Tammy originally put in her head. The waiter leaves the table.

Gary: You look gorgeous tonight.

Kimmy: Thank you.

Gary: I especially like your Giuseppe Zanotti, those were on last year’s fall line, right?

[Kimmy sharply smiles with a nod and begins searching for her phone in her purse.  She finds it and sends Tammy a desperate “HELP ME” text.]

Gary: Is something wrong?

Kimmy: No nothing at all. I just thought I forgot my lip gloss.

Gary: Oh I can understand that. It’s a women’s necessity, right?

[Kimmy stares blankly at Gary. Gary begins to cough in hopes to move on to the next subject.]

Gary: So what are you having for…?

[A Strange man dressed in purple zebra striped jeggings and a V-neck t-shirt interrupts Gary.]

Strange Man: Gary, is that you?

[Gary looks up and his eye open wide.]

Strange Man: Wow, I haven’t seen you in a moment. It’s been weeks since you have been to the club, how have you been?

[Kimmy realizes that the man speaking with Gary about his absence is a gay man. She immediately finds her phone to see a text from Tammy saying “I’m on my way.” Right as she looks up from her phone she sees Tammy. Gary notices her getting up from the table.]

Gary: Kimmy where are you going? Let me introduce you to my friend…

Kimmy: No, no…you’re fine. Enjoy dinner with your “friend”.

[Kimmy gets up and walks over to Tammy with a pissed look on her face.]

Kimmy: Tammy…What a hot ass mess!

[Tammy smiles and they both burst out laughing.]

Tammy: I told you he was probably gay. When it looks perfect, it’s normally far from it. But you’re lucky because I was headed this way to meet up with my sugar daddy.

Kimmy: Lucky me! Do I know this one?

Tammy: No. We normally only meet up for one thing but lately he’s been trying to date me. I hope he’s not falling in love because that’s not going to happen. He’s way too old for me. Matter of fact, there he is.

[Tammy and Kimmy turn towards the door and George Myers enters. Tammy walks over to him and gives him a kiss.]

Tammy: Hey baby.

George: Hey beautiful I missed you!

End Scene 5

Come back next Wednesday to see if Nathaniel is really ok with their status or what George is really doing with Tammy. On to the next episode…


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