[POEM] Be sure not to tell

Don’t let anyone know how I sleep.
My quiet contact with you only inspires your urges.
My body magnetized to your heat,
Locking eyes and lips to waste the last of our daily energy
Be sure not to tell.

Don’t let anyone know how strong I love.
Shaming those from the past who wish to be present.
And those who see how happy you are and wish to intercede,
A connection that only fits a unique lifetime of synergy.
Be sure not to tell.

Don’t let anyone know how well I see.
Looking into a place deep within your thoughts.
Knowing and learning your fears only to protect you,
Willing to build walls away from your insecurities.
Not upgrading but uplifting your being to unrealized independencies,
To assist in your self-realization of being my king and the nation’s needed reality.
Please don’t tell.

For if you do,
If you forgot what and who I am to you,
If you allow others to penetrate our kingdom,
If you forge alliances with masked enemies,
You will lose the new essence of your being.
The new essence of who you could be.
The “we” that only few will ever live to see.

Don’t tell,
Just be.



[SAMPLE ALERT] Book: Untraditional

It’s that time again! Here is another excerpt from my book Untraditional from another chapter entitled “Office Extravaganza”. Again, I would love your feedback and as always…have fun! #PassionFY #beUntraditional #UntraditionalVday #DNC


I grabbed my purse and keys, kissed Jon goodbye and raced out the door.  I yelled back to him that I would see him later and hopped in my car.

There wasn’t any traffic on the road, so I actually made it there at the same time Marc was pulling up.  He had on a University of Michigan cut-off shirt and some gray sweat pants, sagging just a little below his waist so I could see his gray and navy boxes.

“Hey, Pretty Lady,” he said, smiling at me.

“Hey, Sir,” I spoke while typing in the code.

He quickly got in front of me and opened the door. I appreciated that he believed in chivalry, so I thanked him.  As I passed in front of him, we caught eyes.  I looked into his eyes and saw something I hadn’t noticed before. In those eyes I saw a spark, some glimpse of what he probably had already planned out in his mind; something a little lustful.

I quickly broke eye contact, realizing that it was causing me to walk slowly, like a scene straight out of a romance movie.  I did my rendition of a speed-walk race over to the elevators and hit the “up” button.  He followed me at his usual pace into the elevator.

I pushed the “8” button and we stood there waiting for our arrival to the requested floor. His Sean John cologne enticed all my senses at once.  The intertwined heat from his body and the smell of his cologne caused the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up.

From my peripheral glance, I saw he was looking at me and for some reason, I enjoyed it.

The bell rang and the doors opened to let us out.  I unlocked the office door. Like he did downstairs, he opened it, but this time slowly, to make sure that I took my time walking past him.  As I started into the office, I could have sworn I felt his eyes follow my apple-bottom. Was he wondering how juicy it may be?  I stopped at my desk and he continued down the hall to his office.  I got myself together, sat down and began to start up my CPU.  About thirty minutes passed before he began to IM me.

Marc:        How’s it going up there?

Natalie:     Pretty good. Actually I’m almost done.

Marc:        Hey, can I ask you a question?

Natalie:     Yeah what’s up?

Marc:        Are you attracted to me?

I read the message a total of five times trying to figure out how to answer the question.

I couldn’t believe he just came out like that.  The nerve of that man.

Natalie:     What?  How are you going to ask me something like that?

Marc:        I mean no offense. I’m just really attracted to you and I was wondering if you were feeling the same thing too.

The text on my screen caught me off-guard; not because he actually sent the message, but because of my answer. I was attracted to him, but I couldn’t tell him so. Jon and I had been together for close to three years, now. He was a great guy and things were looking pretty good. I even thought that this year would be the year he pops the question, so why would I mess that up?

Marc sent me another message before I could even respond.

Marc:        I mean you have the prettiest smile and your skin reminds me of silk – perfectly smooth and soft.  All I really want to do is just touch it once and see if it feels the same. 

I took a moment to lean in closer to the screen, anticipating his next message.

Marc:        I hope I’m not coming on too strong but I’ve been thinking about you since we first met.  Your exotic grayish-green eyes and plump lips were the first things to catch my eye.

His compliments caught me off-guard and caused me to back slowly away from the screen, re-crossing my legs again and feeling the warmth and moisture begin to form at my cove.

I was shocked at his bold manner, but also very turned on. It was different from Jon’s tactics — very straight forward and risky. It was interesting to see another man respond to me — even a little confusing — but my curiosity was piqued.

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[SAMPLE ALERT] Book: Untraditional

Wow! I can’t believe the day is almost here. I have one more excerpt I want to share from my first book Untraditional. It’s from the last chapter of the book entitled “The Robinsons'”. Please enjoy and as usual I’m always looking for feedback.

Untraditional will be released on February 6 and I would to see you in Atlanta at the event! Reserve your ticket today.

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The night went on and the club filled up. We danced. We laughed. We drank. Soon Monroe was full and dancing with everyone, including other men and women, but always coming back to Andrew.

Andrew didn’t seem bothered by her momentary lap dances on others. He just smiled and took a sip of his drink. It was weird, but at the same time attractive to see a man so confident and comfortable with his woman.

Men that I’ve seen in similar situations normally end up getting kicked out the club for trying to fight or just stood up for the night because another man just took his girl. But the Robinsons’ relationship was different. It was honest and real; open but trusting. It was new to me.

The mood shifted and a slow song came on over the speakers.

I started swaying from side to side, letting the music take my mind to another place where I had my own Andrew; someone who wanted no one but me; someone who complemented me; from my career and personal endeavors to my sexual needs and yearning to be unconditionally loved.

In my daze I could feel a man’s hands grab my waist, swaying to the beat with me, then pushing up against me, but still to the beat. I let my imagination run and indulged him by pushing my ass up against him. I could feel him getting longer and harder. I smiled to myself and laid my head back on his chest. He gripped my hips harder, pulling them closer and tighter to his staff. It felt good and fit right into my fantasy.

I opened my eyes. It was Andrew. I immediately stopped and looked to see where Monroe was. She was on the dance floor dancing with a guy, but looking dead at us. I took two quick steps from him, totally embarrassed. Even more so, feeling disrespectful of the marriage I had just been admiring.

Monroe started walking toward me, as I was now standing back at the bar. I turned away trying to get the bartender’s attention but also trying to separate myself from this, “hell, naw, bitch” moment I had created.

She tapped me on the shoulder.

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[SAMPLE ALERT] Book: Untraditional

As promised I’m sharing out excerpts from my book so you can take a peek into the Untraditional pages. This first passage is a lead in and the first chapter to the book. I would love your feedback and as always…have fun! Oh and don’t forget to follow this blog or like my fan page to stay up on all things Untraditional.

#PassionFY #beUntraditional #UntraditionalVday #DNC

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.


THE ALARM WAS BLARING and I noticed it was 8:45am; fifteen minutes until my final psychology exam.


I jumped up and threw on my sneakers. I ran into the bathroom to brush my teeth and my hair. I peeked in the mirror before I came out. I looked a mess, I thought to myself, but I had to go. I was lucky to get out the apartment by 8:52am with less than ten minutes left before my exam. Good thing I was only five minutes from campus. I sped down side streets and grabbed a parking spot right in front of the McClure A&S building.

As I walked in the auditorium, I noticed that almost every seat was filled. I raced up the stairs knowing I only had seconds to get set to take the last test of my college life.


I looked up into the fifth row from the top and saw Dominic. I was so happy to see he saved me a seat. As I finally got to my seat, Professor Sawyer stepped into the room.

“Man, could you cut it any closer?” Dominic questioned me.

I just laughed and thanked him.

“Alright class. Let’s get it poppin’,” Professor started on his semi-cool but still very geekish rant before handing out the tests.

I was so happy that Dominic thought about me. Sure, I wanted to take my test, but I was more excited to take it next to him. Dominic was also a senior majoring in psychology, but not your normal psychology geek. He was 6’2”, a solid 205 with sun-glazed skin and grey eyes. His voice was deep and calming, just like a late-night, quiet storm deejay. Everything about him oozed player — an obvious hoe magnet —but I had never see him treat any woman with disrespect, even with the hoes who threw themselves at him. I couldn’t lie; I had a huge crush on him. The professor’s rant made me fall into a normal Dominic daydream:

I saw the classroom empty and instead of Dominic sitting next to me, he was standing at the front of the room by the teacher’s desk. I looked around and realized that we were truly alone.

“Come here,” he called to me.

Without hesitation, I stood up and started walking down the stairs. I noticed that the shabby sweatpants and t-shirt I originally had on was now a black dress with two slits on the side, set off with some red four-and-a-half inch peep-toe stilettos. I could even feel my hair blowing in some sort of hidden wind from within the classroom.

That’s weird. I finally made it down the stairs and as I took that last step he used all his strength to knock everything off the desk. I knew what was next.

Untraditional is now on SALE!

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