[POEM] Professor


I go insane not knowing how you came
Lost in the tears of your absence,
Drowning in dark loneliness.
Be my light, guide me.
Teach me how to love.

I am more than just your student of lust,
A pupil willing to study day and night.
Willing to put a halt to all distractions.
You’re worth such a sacrifice.
Teach me how to trust.

You’re so good and I don’t mind being the teacher’s pet.
Teach me how to be unforgettable.
Teach me those pieces of love,
Those notes I’ve lost long ago.
Teach me how to be my best yet.

I’ve been broken down into a useless token.
Damage goods to any uninspired beau.
But you’ve put your skills to work,
Fixing my heart. Fixing my soul.
Teach me that they’ve misspoken.

So keep teaching me,
I’m your open book.
I’ll hang on each word,
A sponge to your lessons.
Teach me what my heart should now see.

Teach me now.
Hold me always.
I can be your brightest student,
with an unending need to for your lectures.
So please won’t you be my forever professor.



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