[POEM] Musing with Sade Adu


My flaws reveal my beauty.
Freckles speckle my canvas from legacies before.
Lips with bold symmetry curve to lustful illusions.
Eyes with subtle highlights of amber harvests,
Glare through chaotic dark fields.
I am abstract in nature with origins of all.
My flaws reveal my beauty,
In all its natural artistry.

Photo: Sade Adu


“Untraditional” is now available!

I want to thank all my readers for stopping by and taking time out your day to read my words. I am ecstatic to share with you that my first book, Untraditional: A Collection of Passion-Fy Short Stories, is now available!

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably ran into a couple of the book’s excerpts like:Untraditional

And now it’s available on Createspace, Amazon, Amazon Kindle and Lulu (if you want to read it in your iBooks library). If you want an autographed, personalize copy just email me at midwyfecrisis@gmail.com.

I am so excited about this moment and I plan to live in it as long as I can. I hope that this piece makes you feel something whether it’s excitement, enticement, passion, anger, frustration or any emotion.

Thank you for coming with me on this journey, and there is so much more to come…

With passion, DNC