[POEM] Musing with Janet Jackson


I needed to take Control of my life,
Creating Poetic Justice for a moment I deserve,
A moment that isn’t just kept behind Velvet Ropes,
A moment that is more than about The Pleasure Principle.

Anytime and Anywhere is exactly what I needed.
Because Missing You Much will always lead to an Escapade.
When I Think of You, that moment is worth the wait.
It Doesn’t Really Matter if I Get Lonely.
You will always Come Back to Me in the morning.

So Let’s Wait Awhile so that when you Go Deep,
There will be No Sleep until we are Together Again.
Would You Mind waiting for our moment?
I’m not looking for just Someone to Call My Lover.
I’m looking for The Great Forever.

Oh but if I get too Nasty and let the Black Cat out,
Don’t blame me, That’s the Way Love Goes.
Because The Best Things in Life Are Free,
And I’ll plan to Runaway in our moment,
Since Love Will Never Do (Without You), you see

Happy (Belated) Birthday Mrs. (Jackson) Al Mana!


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