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My mind has been all over the place, jumping from project to project but one of them is almost ready! Get a sneak peek and let me know what you think.




[POEM] Ode to Aaliyah


There was never a heart as crystal clear.
She wore it on her sleeve,
But never in fear.

Music sang through her veins,
Spreading love and young provocative nature.
The world was indeed hers to claim.

But don’t get fooled by the boyish persona,
The lady like was well reserved,
Any king was destined to pour praise upon her.

Cause when age ain’t nothing but a number,
4 page letters are easily written.
Scrolls full of undeniable, angelic wonder.

But To be called home early, triggering worldwide emotional earthquakes
Sparking an endless need for a resolution
Only faith,
And love,
Breathe light into darkness for such a beautiful and unforgettable namesake.


Rest easy and fly high!

Building Engagement (Sales Model post #2)…

Below is an article with great tidbits for indie authors near and far! And as you dive into his sales strategy, I want to go ahead and start following his advice.

*clears throat* ATTENTION ROMANCE/EROTICA/FICTION READERS: I’m looking for reviewers of my book, Untraditional: A Collection of Passion-Fy Short StoriesJust fill out the form below and leave the comment “passion-fy me please” and I’ll send the first five people a free copy. The only requirement is to leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads! #writerslife #supportindieauthors

This is a continuation of the Sales Model of an Indie Author post, and part of my musings during and about my journey to become a highly successful author. This also comes in the wake of the Fifty for Fifty celebration we ran last month. A lot of fellow indie authors asked me how I got there […]

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