The Tease: Chapter 1 of The Robinsons’ Sequel

Ok guys, I’m trusting you with my life…ok, just my words. Check out the unedited version of the first chapter from The Robinson’s sequel (title still pending). Please leave your comments/thoughts below.

Miami the gateway to the richest drugs, sexiest people and deepest passions. A new world opened for me there and I’ve brought it all back with me. In one weekend, I let go and let my mind and body loose on the city.

Who knew that an innocent meeting with Drew and Monroe on the plane would be the precursor to events that would shift my being to something raw and sexy. They introduced me to a woman I’d never met before; my inner savage. I don’t know her name nor do I even know where she has come from but I was excited to finally meet her. And the great thing is, she’s amazing and I’ve decided to let her roam free with no limitations.

Everything about this women is beastly; she thirsts for attention, their attention, and she received all the attention she could savor. From the first night with an insatiable Ménage à trois that satisfied new urges in the fem savage, to a weekend full of laughs, liquor and love. Love for the new connection made and a weekend we would all never forget.

But it’s time to get back to reality. The world with them was fun and now my secret. They’ve taught me so much in our short time. Beyond the unforgettable way that shook my body with tender kisses and warm touches, they’ve showed me that what the world wanted only mattered if it was what I want too. But it’s not.

I want to live free every day. Not bound to my desk or to other’s desires or needs. Maybe I should just do what I love overseas, under an umbrella on a beach in Mykonos sipping a frozen drink. Then maybe later that night I would find the right guy to spend time with, making conversation that couldn’t keep us away from a bed too long, and then allow him to meet the savage.

After Miami, I really don’t have a choice. Freedom is all that I want and yearn for; No matter what the world thinks. Shit, the world is more than welcome to join me on my freedom ride to a new life full of mental, spiritual and physical independence. Or they can just stand by and watch this nightingale take flight.


7:30 A.M. The alarm is blaring but the thought of walking back into the office is delaying my wake. Today is the day. The day I go back to the black hole of monotony. I just can’t wait.

Turning over to feel the rays grace my face, I really have to ponder if I should go back. Hell maybe I shouldn’t. Okay, maybe I should, I do still have plenty of bills to pay. Soon freedom, soon.

What a joke but one day, preferably soon, I know it will come true. It was only a matter of time before I was willing to free myself on all levels. But for now, I’ll be patient and see where this new hunger takes me.

Siting on the edge of my bed, I can see something glowing in it. My skin. New and fresh. I wonder how long I can keep this look? I don’t need anyone to tell me that I “look different” because that’s apparent but I do wonder what Amanda will say.

Miami was a week ago and with the additional time I’ve taken off, I’ve tried to embrace my newness. Beside my sexual revitalization, I’ve been writing my thoughts, my wants and my fears in a journal. Without the Robinsons’, I’ve needed something to capture my intimate thoughts. I can’t afford to regard my own desires and emotions anymore.

As the sun glides over the horizon, I can’t help my want to watch it in the warm August air. On my walk to my patio doors, I make a quick cup of Cafe’ Bustelo—a little piece of Miami that I will now become a staple in my kitchen. The rays rose even higher as I stepped outside the doors.

Inhaling and exhaling each beautiful ray, I basked in the new day. Work or not, it was going to be a good day.

“Hey Nia, how was…oh shit!” I heard Bernard’s voice, my BFF of a neighbor. Through the gate I see him timidly looking away from the fence.

Oh. Looking down at myself I realized that I forgot to put on pants or shirt. Or even a bra. It’s too nice outside for all that. And I’m not running inside. I’m comfortable and just like the rest of the world, he’s going to have to get comfortable with this new me too.

“Hey Bernard! How are you?” I yelled at him trying to continue the conversation. One of his eyes crept through a hole in his blocking hand. Maybe he’s trying to see if I’ve finally clothed myself, or maybe he’s just getting another good look. He quickly turned his head again. It must be the first part.

“I’ve been fine. You know. Fine. Just fine.”

Ha! Let me take this sip of this perfect Cuban coffee and test this man. Taking a few steps closer to the fence, I waited for our next words.

“So Miami was good?” He asked.

“Yeah it was great. Great weather and great people. It was a freeing experience.” In more than one way. Taking more steps toward him, I wondered how long he was going to continue to not look.

Briefly his hand falls from his face, giving him a full view of my glowing skin under the rays. Then again he puts it back over his eyes. Come on man, you can do this. Stumbling back, he falls off the crate with a loud thud. Aweeee…he’s trying to be polite. That’s cute.

“Hey, I’ll talk to you later. Okay? I’ve got to…uhhh…I’ve got to go fix my plumbing. I mean wait on the Plumber. I’ve got pipe issues?

“Really?” Out of all the excuses, that was his. Sure, I guess.

“Okay,” gliding back to the patio door I try to calm his mind. “Maybe I’ll come by later and we can catch up on Game of Thrones. I missed the last two episodes.”

“Yep sounds good.” His fading voice was evidence that he couldn’t get inside his house quick enough.

Before I step back in the house, let me get a few more moments with these rays. Probably for the last time today. It feels good to be me. The new me. I hope Bernard gets his plumbing properly taken care of. Maybe I’ll stand out here for a moment longer to help.

So what do you think? Tell me your thoughts below.


4 thoughts on “The Tease: Chapter 1 of The Robinsons’ Sequel

  1. Never read anything from this genre before, so I can’t make good comparisons. But this is a dope story, so far. We’ve got a protagonist exercising her sexuality in a way that’s uncommon. Society’s not going to be ready for her, so it’ll be interesting to see her interact with the world. It sets up a lot of conflict, drama and difficult situations. Curious to see whether she sticks with the new self or will she go back to what she was before so that she can fit in? … Also, your punctuation is trash 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback. Let me know if you want to get into reading this genre because “Untraditional” is a good “gateway” book. LOL This feedback is great!

  2. Reblogged this on The Chronicles of DNC and commented:

    The Tease is out!

    In case you missed it, go check out my rough–and I mean really rough–draft of The Robinsons’ sequel. Tell me what you think. Am I on the right path? Am I drawing you in or scaring you away?

    Remember, this is the continuation from the chapter in Untraditional, so if you haven’t read that yet, go grab it!

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