DNC’s Short Story Series Presents: “Complicated” – Chapter Two: Skye

Wait before you begin, make sure you’re caught up…

Chapter 1: Tina

***********FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY********



Thank God for another day. The sun’s kiss was my second favorite kiss to wake up to; Mason’s was the first. His steamy breath stroked the back of my neck and I couldn’t wait to turn over.

“Good morning.” Our morning greeting reminds me that I’ve made it through yesterday’s storm stronger. Mason is a blessing. Kind. Loving. Forgiving. More than I ever thought any man could be.

No other man that I’ve ever met before could hold a light to him. The sparkle of our wedding rings, which sit on his nightstand, brought a twinkle to my eye. That joyous twinkle that was created by and for the man behind my amazing universe.

“How are you feeling?” He asked.

“Nervous but ready.” Today is the day I face a demon from long ago and with my king by my side, I know I’m ready for this battle.

“You’re doing the right thing.” His soft lips kiss my forehead and I knew immediately that he’s right.

“I hope so. At least for AJ’s sake.”

Today is the day that Alexander Jeremy, my only son, meets his father. I’ve prayed for years that this moment wasn’t true or even needed, but it is. I could say that I wish I’d never met his father but then I wouldn’t have this incredible young boy as my child.

Unfortunately, I can’t call him a love child because it was nothing but lust and vulnerability in the moment. And I would never call him a mistake or regret because the joy he places on my heart is pure and fulfilling.

I’ll just call him my rainbow; the reflection of one of God’s most beautiful phenomena after a storm finally passes.

Raising him has changed my life and my relationships. I’ve embraced my flaws openly and honestly. The moment the test came back positive, I told Mason that it may or may not be his.

No man is ever ready for that news but we were both on our own shit. He was dipping and dabbing as he pleased and I was lonely and longing for him. So, I found comfort in a place I shouldn’t have been. A place that I knew was off limits, but it was a place with an open door.

Even though I thought he could be married, and even though I was madly in love with Mason, I let my human desires decide my next steps, not my heart or brain. Just for a moment, I wanted to feel wanted. Whether it was real or not, I was OK with wearing a mask through all the heartache. This was only a Band-Aid destined to be ripped off at some point. And it was.

Telling Mason was the easy part, watching him breakdown was the hardest. I can’t lie though; it felt good to see him feel something. He seemed so cold to me during this time, but after hearing this news, he seemed to come back to life. Much like the shock to a quiet heart. He began to come back to me, telling me his wrong turns and mine too. I agreed wholeheartedly.

This honest news sparked something in him that was new. He became nurturing and calm. Even with doubt racing through his head, he openly embraced a child that he had no real clue whether his or another man’s blood ran through their vein. What a gift from God.

Ironically, I ended up with two blessing shining brightly against a dark moment of lust. Now, it was time for me to step out of their light and face my own shadow. Time to slay this demon.

“What time are you going over there?” Manson jumps, getting ready for his morning run.

“He said breakfast should be ready around 9 a.m. But…” my voice tappers off. I drop my head searching for the courage to talk through my thoughts but I let my weakness show. “I’m not sure I can do this.” Bees, not butterflies, bumble around my belly. They are as confused about my step as I am.

Mason’s phone buzzes.

“Babe you got this. This is the piece of the puzzle you have to straighten out for our boy. And did you hear what I said…our boy! Which means, when this is all over, I will be here waiting for you to get home.” His warm words put the bees to bed.

“Hey, let me grab this. It’s Kinsley.” He grabs his phone and walks into the bathroom.

“Tell her I said ‘hey.’” Kinsley is Mason’s little sister. I’m sure she just got a whiff of the news and I know she isn’t happy. We got this though. She may want to beat my ass now, but in a day or so, we’ll be back to loving each other like before.

Walking to the closet, I hear the sweetest voice.

“Mommy.” AJ is up. Time to go pick out the perfect outfit for him to meet his biological daddy.


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