#12DaysofaShortStory Challenge – Day 4

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

It’s Day 4 of my challenge and part deux for today.  Wait…if you missed Day 3, go catch up here.

The Season for Living: Part IV

“Hey, we’ve been talking about me all night. What’s going on with you?” I always know when Cade gets nervous about a topic. Love has always been one of them too. He was going to get over it tonight though.  

“Nope. I need to know more. Who is she and when did you know?” 

“Naw, I’m done talking about this. Let me tell you about this dumbass dude I pulled over tonight.” 

Now he’s starting to get on my nerves with this macho stuff. Just tell me. 

“Cade, stop playing. This is good stuff. You’ve finally found love and as your best friend I should know the dets from top to bottom. So spit it out punk!” 

He laughed and so did I.  

“Ok. She’s…she’s…nah I can’t tell you yet. Just know that she’s amazing and I know you like her.”  

“Do she have big ass!?” I replied jokingly but also seriously He liked them slim waist, small chest even but with a huge butt.  

“Absolutely she does.” The pride in his voice bloomed and I took the chance to pull more out. 

“When did you know that you loved her.” I’m not a romantic—I don’t think—but knowing how someone so close to me found love, before me was worth listening to.  

I heard his radio go off again.  

“Tee hold on.” I could tell he put the phone down to respond to the radio.  

Then my line clicked. It was Deanna. I figured he needed a moment so I clicked over to see what she needed. It would only take a second, so I thought.  

“DeDe, what’s up.” 

Her voice was heavy and ridged. She was breathing hard, so hard it took her a moment to even answer. 

“Girl, I just beat the hell out of that bitch Margo.” 

“What? Where? When?” I had so many questions. It’s the night before Christmas. What was she thinking? DeDe must love jails and fines because she can never keep her hands to herself. But most of the time, the other person deserves it, she just doesn’t have to be executor ever time.  

“It wasn’t my fault. Here’s what happened…” 

I catch her mid-sentence. “Hold on real quick.” I clicked over. Cade still had the phone down and now it sounded like he was talking to another officer nearby. I’m not done with our conversation yet. I’ll just click back over and get this story out of her so I can tell him her madness too.  


“Yeah girl.” 

“Okay, what happened!? 

To be continued tomorrow…


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