#12DaysofaShortStory Challenge – Day 5

Photo by Aaron Wilson on Unsplash

I’ve hit Day 5 of my challenge! FYI, today’s post has explicit language. I’ll rate this one PG-13. Wait…if you missed Day 4, go catch up here.

The Season for Living: Part V

DeDe use to run track in high school and apparently at 26 she still has it. I could tell she was at a job when she started explaining herself.

“This bitch was all up on my man at the Winter Eve Ball so I had to slap the fuck out of her. No let me correct that—I had to slap her for wanting to fuck.” DeDe was breathing normal again. I guess she made it to a safe place.  

DeDe was one of those friends I couldn’t let go no matter how much of the hood she brings to an event. She’s real, she’s loud and she’s got my back. And I have hers but not in the fight. I don’t fight. I’ll have the bail money and lawyer ready though. 

“I told you to stop giving that girl all that energy.” Margo was a constant topic in our conversations. She was the side chick that enjoyed being a side chick even if her duties weren’t needed any more.  

“I know, I know girl. But I’m so tired of her. She just won’t go away.” DeDe’s right. For some reason—probably the same reason as DeDe—Margo just won’t let Sean go. I would never tell DeDe this since thots and side chicks aren’t supposed to have real feelings but they both love him.  DeDe just won his heart in the end. 

And there it is. Another scary moment in love. You can’t stop who you love and you can stop others from loving who you love too.  

“Look DeDe, y’all have come a long way and you’re going to have to move forward. Stop looking back or you will miss what’s in front of you.” Her silence meant that she was absorbing my words. She’s a great listener but it’s usually always after the fact.  

My line begins to beep. Shit, it’s Cade. I didn’t notice that he hung up but I had to finish our conversation. 

“Hey, are you good now?” 

“Yeah…I’m good.” The calm was over her. “I’m about to call an Uber to get me home. I don’t even know where I’m right now.” 

“Okay but call or text me when you get home. Are you coming over for dinner tomorrow?” 

“You know I’m there. Boobs, Bourbon and blunt in hand.” 

“See you tomorrow babe.”  

DeDe is a really beautiful person. She loves so hard and she forgives to keep that love going. She’s dedicated to her heart and lives for each loving moment. Each kiss, each touch, each possibility that he was her forever love. I admire her so much that I envy her. She’s a true romantic at heart. Maybe I should follow my own advice: stop looking back. I’ve got to stop trying to avoid past mistakes by not even trying again at love. Maybe I was like Cade. Maybe the man of my dreams was right under my nose.  

My line clicked again. Damn I forgot to click over.  


To be continued tomorrow…


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