Passion-fy Books

Passion-fy novels and novellas are perfect for those who love a mix of romance, realism, poetry and erotica. The story lines touch urban to contemporary romance vibes, with each character sharing very personal and relatable journeys. So much so, that inquiring readers wonder “what if that was me?”

Like. Love. Lust. is now on available on Kindle and paperback on Amazon! Or order a personalized, autographed copy + bonus gift below!

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#relationshipgoals A hashtag loosely thrown around, identifying those perfect qualities for the ideal relationship model. Symbolizing the great times with little, if any, emphasis on the devastating times. What about the nervousness and unsure moments? How about the fallen in and out of love? And what do you do when lust blinds; blocking what is the next best step for you and the relationship?

Like. Love. Lust. is an emotional revelation from DNC that breathes truth into the other side of #relationshipgoals – the real journey. The poetic passion-fy story line told through prose, sonnets, narratives and long-form stanzas, speaks to the realism behind discovering each emotion, and battling with the complexities of their natural course, also known as human nature.

Enjoy a new take on #relationshipgoals where you are free to like instinctively, love differently and lust indefinitely. #likelovelust

Excerpts from the book:
Why Me?
Love Sick
I’m Suspicious


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Amazon Best Seller, African-American Erotica

Featured at the Emerging Writers Tent, 2016 Decatur Book Festival


Untraditional: To allow your desires to live outside of the constraints of a conventional world


Untraditional was derived from those moments in time where “what ifs” or “should Is” live. To live untraditionally is to allow your desires to live outside the constraints of a conventional world.

What would you do if your college or work crush approached you with a scintillating proposal? Or maybe the nice guy down the hall from your apartment finally notices you? What if you’re thrown into an unspeakably arousing scenario with a duo? What would you do? Would you be able to let all your inhibitions out and go with what your body felt? Could you handle it?

Open up your mind, body and spirit, allowing “the norm” to take a backseat and become Untraditional. Maybe you will be inspired to like instinctively; love differently; lust indefinitely.

#Untraditional #BeUntraditional #PassionFy #dnc #UntraditionalVday

Read excerpts from the book:


Office Extravaganza

The Pleasure Principle

Unknown Visitor

The Robinsons’


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