Reaction to the Michael Brown Jr. Case: Numbness

I sat with my husband and daughter and watched the grand jury verdict come down. No indictment for Darren Wilson. I immediately felt my mind and body go numb. I was not able to sit through the entire “verdict” delivery. I went to my baby daughter’s room and just sat. I cried. I prayed. And then the anger hit and it has yet to dissipate. I refused to watch TV or look at my phone the rest of the night in hopes that this aggression would subside but it hasn’t. I hate that looting and violence ensued but it’s hard to know how to respond to such a racially driven, societal issue. So I’ll turn my numbness around and use some of these emotions to state this:

Michael Brown High School Graduation Photo

Michael Brown Jr., you and all other lost young and old black men lives matter. To be black, is to be amazing and you sir, have sparred emotions that were once forgotten or overshadowed. #wehear #werespond #wegrow

Welcome to Urban EthYcs

Hello beautiful, chaotic and amazing World!

It’s me again, DNC, blogger of Mid-WYFE Crisis and other sister blogs (LYFE-STYLE Files and Mid-WYFE Chronicles). With this new blog I want to dive into conversations about African-American living: What does it mean, how do we think it is going and where should we be going.

As militant as I can be, this blog is not about “Black Power” but more so about “Black Empowering”. The difference is simple. “Black Power”, to me, is nothing more than a statement that brings pride to those who say it. Blacks do have power, but what are we doing with it. “Black Empowering” is passing responsibility, acknowledgements, concerns, solutions and many other actions to Blacks as individuals and as a community.

As a black woman, I have been struggling on how to address some of the issues I have gone through and even those that I’ve seen throughout the community. Even more so I’ve wonder what others, blacks and other races, think of those same situations.

Enter, Urban EthYcs. This blog will be use to pose questions and then let everyone, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Italian, French, African and more give their insight on the topics. I will speak my peace but I’m very open to hearing logical, evidence-based statements. If you feel the need to bash, disrespect, demean or slander someone else please find another platform somewhere else. This is about dealing with issues and gaining new perspective on how to take our community to new heights.

Welcome to Urban EthYcs…Speak up and Speak out!

Speak up and Speak out
Speak up and Speak out