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  • Book Clubbin’ Starts this Week!

    Book Clubbin’ Starts this Week!

    There is still time to join the Wine Down with Words book club. Our first session is this Thursday and the first book is juicier than a peach ripen off the coast of Georgia. I can’t wait to chat about it! Join below and grab the book today. It’s a quick read, so you’ll definitely […]

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  • Book Review: Nervous by Zane

    Book Review: Nervous by Zane

    The key to being a great writer is to be an avid reader, which is why I’ve been trying to consume more books, particularly romance books, throughout the month. My schedule doesn’t allow me the sit-down-and-turn-a-page time, so even though I absolutely love to hold a great book, I’ve had to invest in Audible to […]

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