#12DaysofaShortStory Challenge – Day 12

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So here it is…Day 12. It was a bit rough there but I’m happy and proud that I pushed through all the time-zappers, health issues and mental barriers that happened. This will be my last post of 2018, so let me leave you with a the message:

Love doesn’t fit a mold but when you feel it, it’s unlike anything that you know. You will get lost and found through every stage but what makes love powerful is it’s undying need to live.

Now on to Day 12 and I know you’re caught on on Day 1-11 right?

The Season for Living: Part XII

Time escaped clocks and my heart slide deeper in to despair. I had a bad feeling about Cade and what had happened. And hour passed and still not call or text. I couldn’t call again because my heart would break into a thousand pieces if I heard his voicemail once more.  

I could no longer pace since my nervous legs started giving out at each step. I just sat on my couch and waited.  

Snow was inching up my window sill. It’s funny how the night started with laugher and smiles to only end with confusion and emptiness.  

I wondered why God would play with my heart only to leave it bare – unprotected in this moment of loneliness.  

For a second, I wondered if this was all dream. That would make it better and easier to deal with. But I’m wide awake and afraid that I’ve lost my someone. The person who was made for me. 

I silence my thoughts and close my eyes…and I say a short prayer. 

“Please bring him back to me safely.” I let a tear fall and lay on the couch pillow.  

Then I heard a door slam. Like a car door. 

I spring up from the couch and head to the front door. Before I can open it, I see headlights diming as a shadow moves toward my door. Is this something coming to tell me about Cade? 

No. It’s Cade.  

I open the door and stand looking at the man I love.  

“I’m so sorry, there was an incident and then I listened to your message and…” 

I couldn’t listen to him in more and I pulled him into me, taking his lips into mine. It was a bold move that changed our lives faster than either of our words could.  

He held me tight and me enjoyed our winter embrace. Snowflakes melted from the love growing between us.  

Each kiss was more perfect than the one before. Each touch conjured up more heat than than my body was willing to share outside. So, we went inside.  

No more words or thoughts were needed. Each moment was dedicated to our new connection. I took his coat off and placed it on the rack, where it will now sit everytime he comes over. He placed his keys in the island basket and waited for him on the couch.  

Our eyes locked, telling our souls what we needed from each other, which was a simple answer of “more.”  

He sat next to me on the couch and I turned my back to him, inviting him to unzip my sweater. He accepted the invitation.  

I almost thought for a moment and then I stopped, allowing my soul to live.  

My sweater fell off my shoulders. Sitting topless in front of him didn’t feel foreign, it felt appropriate for what I wanted next. He kissed my neck from left to right and back again. His palm caressed my spine as I memorized the size of his hand.  

A small moan escapes me. I’m ready for him for him to see me. I turned and faced my love and watch his face begin to glow. He was more than satisfied in this moment and we were just getting started.  

I unbuttoned his shirt, then unzipped his bullet proof vest. I don’t know what actually happened tonight, but he doesn’t need this to protect his heart anymore – I’m here.  

Breast to chest, we kissed and let our hearts get what they desired. The snow fell up to 7 inches, we couldn’t match that but four times was enough for now.  

As I said in the beginning, my longtime friend has become a short-term lover and only time will tell how it all ends, but how can things go wrong when two hearts beat perfectly together, all the time in unison, to their own special beat.


#12DaysofaShortStory Challenge – Day 10

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Here we go–Day 10! I’m back on it and I hope you’re enjoying the story. Let me know what you think in the comments section and make sure you’re up to date. Catch Day 8 and 9 here.

The Season for Living: Part X

The short hand reaches the long hand and I know that 8:45 p.m. is his lunchtime. I dial his number and it rings. I wait and I wait. He’s not picking up but I’m willing to wait some more.  

Our short time away from each other on the phone has opened up new thoughts and wants. I want to know what we could be. I’ve thought about how much he means to me. So, I’ll wait for him to pick up.  

Then he does. “Tee, I’ve got to…” 

I have to interrupt him before my confidence waivers.  

“Cade just listen; I love you too. I’ve loved you for a while now but more as a friend, which also seems to be like a relationship but you know what I mean. If this is love, I’m willing to try it. I just can’t lose us. I need us to work, either in a relationship or as friends but I need us. I think you’d agree when I say that this friendship is unlike others. It’s not necessarily normal but it’s for us. Just like a relationship would be. It’s a unique situation that I love and the common denotator of it all is you.” 

I take a breath and give him a moment to squeeze something in, and he doesn’t. I listen to the air in the background and I continue.  

“I felt something when I first saw you and I’ve felt it ever since. It wasn’t until you said something that I even realized that these feelings were more than just a friendship. You’re closer than any of my girlfriends and more loving than my father. You’ve been around when I didn’t know that I needed you. You’ve listened when I didn’t know I needed to talk. You’ve looked at me when I’ve felt ugly and worthless and told me that I was worth more than the world deserved. You’ve filled my soul with what it needed far before I knew what I wanted. But now I know I want you. I want us. I want to try this, together.” I waited one last time for a rebuttal but nothing.  

“So, what do you think Cade?” Silence. And then I hear a murmur in the background and his voice yelling at someone.  


The phone hangs up. 

To be continued tomorrow…

#12DaysofaShortStory Challenge – Day 8 and 9

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I’m going to lie, when I started this challenge, I was a bit cocky. I thought it would be easy to knock out 12 days straight of writing. Not so much but I’m going to continue to give it a go. You’re getting a double dose today–Day 8 and 9. Catch up on Day 7-ish and earlier post here before you start reading.


The Season for Living: Part VIII

The first snowflake of winter sat quietly on my window sill, taking in the chill from the air and its single moment alone. For once, the meteorologist got it right. They predicted our first snow storm months ago but only cold rain fell. Today they nailed it as I watch other snowflakes join the first one. 

Watching them move in on my balcony calmed my mind for a moment. I sat and watched. Watched and waited and hoped. I hoped that the storm would bring in more than just snow, hopefully it would bring in some clarity about what I should do about Cade and his declaration.  

I’ve gone through so many emotions in one phone call. First jealously, then curiosity, now confusion and I all really want is clarity.  

I remember thinking about Cade in a romantic way when I first met him. With a hue as bronze as his and eyes as clear as the sunset, it’s hard not to be infatuated at first sight. We first met on the corner of Maple and Simon Street. I was there with a friend and he was walking up with a mutual friend. We couldn’t be older than 15—maybe even 16—and he was gorgeous in my young eyes.  

But I knew my homegirl was digging him seeing that she damn jumped on him when he was close enough. They exchanged numbers and that was it. We would forever be best friends. Me and my girls had a solid and forever rule to never date an ex. And he soon became an ex, and then me and her grew distant. Not because of him, but because I had to grow up and go to college. She was cool with staying in the same place with the same people and trying to get a job right out of high school. I respected that as much as I hope she respected my decision to go away to college.  

Ironically me and him ended up at college together but I knew about their relationship and just let friendship be enough. Sure, there were a few drunken nights where things could have gone another way but it couldn’t. We wouldn’t. Friendship over lust. Now I have to choose between friendship and love. I don’t want to lose my friend. 

The Season for Living: Part IX

The snow layered and layered as I stared at the phone. I want to call Cade back but I’m not sure I have the right words yet. I move from my bed downstairs to the kitchen. I’ll focus on feeding myself and maybe something will hit me.  

It’s getting late so if I’m going to call him back, I need to do it soon before his shift is over. Hopefully he’s not busy yet. I pick up the phone and begin dialing. Then I stop. Not yet.  

I opened the cabinet and pull out a box of cheerios and milk from the fridge. Evening breakfast always makes me feel better. I plop down on the stool at the island and look out the window.  

The sun has set but the rays have the sky glowing under the snowfall. It’s beautiful. Sipping the milk off the spoon, I looked around my empty apartment and reminisce on the last time Cade was over. 

He brought over Chinese food and we sat and watched like three basketball games together. We argued about who was the best player and laughed at the worst ones. He almost made me spit out food at one of his jokes. He’s a pretty funny guy. That day he was in jeans, some shirt and a fresh cut. I love when a man gets a fresh cut, so I remembered his vividly; wavy and smooth. He looked nice. Nothing out of the ordinary but cute. He has always looked cute in some way.  

Like when he smiles, the dimple on his left cheek peaks out. Or when he’s trying to be serious and his eyebrow furrow just like the Grinch. He can never hold it either; he’s such a softy.  

Okay, so maybe I like him more than I think.  

Oh yeah, even before the last time he was here, I remember when he came over just to talk. It was after his dad passed. It was a rough time but he did his best to get through it but when he came over that time, he cried and I was happy to be there for him. 

I hugged him right as he was leaving and apparently, he needed it more than I knew. He didn’t break down, he just embraced his sorrowed and quietly let tears flow. I’m glad I was there with him. I’d never seen him like that before and haven’t seen him like that since. He told me soon after that he had never cried in front of another woman other than his mother. I was honored and felt so much love for him in that moment. Love for our relationship…I mean our friendship. 

I mean, I guess there are times when this feels more like a relationship than just a friendship. I need to know when me makes it home safely each night, but that’s because of his job. He always comes over when I’m not feeling well, even when my cramps have me down and out. He never asks what’s wrong other than is it my stomach or a cold. That’s enough for him.  

And we care so much for each other. We damn near know everyone each other’s family. He comes to my reunions and I go to his. He comes over for the holidays and I’ve even vacation with his family in the summer time. 

It’s like we’ve been in a relationship and I didn’t even know it. No, I didn’t realize it. If this is what a relationship is, then I can do it.  

I scrap my spoon on the bottom of the bowl. I’m full of food and of clarity. 

To be continued tomorrow…

#12DaysofaShortStory Challenge – Day 7-ish

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Bear with me guys. I’m fighting a cold but the story must go on! Check out Day 7 below and if you missed Day 6, read the story here.

The Season for Living: Part VII

Butterflies circled in my belly. I nervously waited on his answer but I’m not sure why. What he said was beautiful so what am I worried about? Maybe it’s because…I don’t know if I feel the same. I mean I care deeply for him. I love him as a bff, or even my bro but I’m not sure about my man. I don’t want to disappoint him.  

“Well,” his voice was calmer than the moment before but still a bit agitated, “I don’t know exactly when it happened Tee. I’ve cared for you for a long time.” 

“I know. I care for you too.” Hopefully he didn’t equate that statement to his. “But loving me is different. You’ve never shown me more that friendship. I mean…this is sort of weird.” 

The silence over the phone this time was stiff. Am I doing to him what old boy did to me back in the day? I won’t do that to him.  

“Cade, this is so new to me. Please don’t be upset. I just need to time to think about everything.  

“I’m not asking for a commitment Tee. I’m just telling you what I’ve learned about myself. I know what I want to do professionally and I know who I want to be with personally.” 

First, I was jealous of the love I thought he had for Angie, and now I’m jealous of self-assurance. He knew what he wanted and I wanted to know too.  

“Hey Cade, I’ve got to use the bathroom. Let me call you back.” That was the only thing I could say to keep us from another awkward silence. I need time to think. 

To be continued tomorrow…