Short Story: We Will Be

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[Rate PG17: A bit passionate for young eyes]

This was a piece that I published last week for #EroticFiction Fridays on H.E.R. Crisis. I really enjoyed writing this one since I was able to infuse both a lustful loving story with poetry. I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think — all feedback helps me in crafting my next story.

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We Will Be
by DNC

I prayed for waves like this. The ocean’s mist sprinkles my skin with its refreshing droplets, as I roll over to greet his eyes. Cleansing us ever so gently, we smile and pull each other closer, awaiting the first words of the morning. Neither of us chooses to speak, we decided to just be.

White sand brushes our skin, as the sun peeks at our naked embrace. A night’s worth of passion has evolved into a sunrise in love with a soul from a different corner of the world.

Maybe it was the accent or the pride he spoke of his heritage or maybe even the way he spoke encouragement into me that pulled me into his glow. I don’t know, nor will I care.

I tuck a single dread behind his ear, following the slender lines of his cheek, down around his chin rolling slowly to his lips. They were gifts from God and in every embrace they sent me to a better place, a heavenly state.

And to imagine, if I wouldn’t have opened my mouth, if I would have stood by and let him leave my eyesight, I would not have found my Adonis. The perfect piece to me that I didn’t know I was missing.

Waves crash against the beach and his arms pull me tighter and closer, pulling us together as if the waves could reach us, and just in case they did, he guaranteed that we could never be separated. His skin kisses mine, with the warmth from the sun on an early summer day in Georgia. I rest my leg over him and his thick staff falls between my legs to grace the place it just poured every ounce of his desire into. Laying there full of him, I pray for our forever. I knew when I saw him, that my body needed him. And then when he spoke, my mind couldn’t wrap around being without him. Love, at first sight, is an impossible concept, unless love lives with lust and life. When the three meets, a world begins. Our world began, and we’ve never looked back.

There were years of flying from here to there, and even months of missed Facetimes or late-night chats, but what was never lost was the life we created together, the love that grew through the unknown and the lust that was untamable in every word between us.

He takes my hand and locks it into his, staring then kissing and staring once more. Our relationship has been labeled lucky; “Girl, you are so lucky you found him” or even, “You really luck up on her” was told to us by our friends. But luck has absolutely nothing to do with it when fate leads the way.

But even in our loving embrace and our growing temptation to take a ride on the coming sunrise, I feel a moment of insecurity. I know why I choose him, but what made him choose me.

So I ask him, “Why me?”
He whispered “Because I can’t breathe.
But with you, my lungs start to move.
My heart begins to pump,
And then life begins, you see.

“Why you,” he answered,
“Because there would be no me.
There would be no sun on my horizon.
No mercy on my soul.
No ocean I could man without drowning below.

“Because of you,” he concluded,
“I am a man with pride and morals.
A man destined to conquer the darkness of the past.
A man dying to give you the world.

“I am
And that’s
Why you.”

I kiss him too many times to count and thank God so many times I couldn’t even shout. I climb on my king and connect our souls one last time as the sun finally reaches the sky. I ride until we are high into the clouds back in our world alone with nothing to hide. His hands caress each breast as I rock us into Outerspace. Someone far and deep, deeper into a never-ending place. I call his name and release the love I owe him across our world, clinching tight to hold the moment for as long as I could before I collapse on his chest, exhausted from flying miles and galaxies in hopes of continuing our endless embrace. I open my eyes to search for his remarkable brown eyes when I look at his lips and see something sparkle between his teeth. A ring, a diamond ring so gorgeous that I can barely breathe.

I take it out his mouth and he sits up, still very connect to me, and speaks, “Please stay with me, until the sea runs dry or our worlds cease to be.”

And so, that morning, over the morning rays and before God in our rawest of forms, we promise that we will always be.


#12DaysofaShortStory Challenge – Day 12

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So here it is…Day 12. It was a bit rough there but I’m happy and proud that I pushed through all the time-zappers, health issues and mental barriers that happened. This will be my last post of 2018, so let me leave you with a the message:

Love doesn’t fit a mold but when you feel it, it’s unlike anything that you know. You will get lost and found through every stage but what makes love powerful is it’s undying need to live.

Now on to Day 12 and I know you’re caught on on Day 1-11 right?

The Season for Living: Part XII

Time escaped clocks and my heart slide deeper in to despair. I had a bad feeling about Cade and what had happened. And hour passed and still not call or text. I couldn’t call again because my heart would break into a thousand pieces if I heard his voicemail once more.  

I could no longer pace since my nervous legs started giving out at each step. I just sat on my couch and waited.  

Snow was inching up my window sill. It’s funny how the night started with laugher and smiles to only end with confusion and emptiness.  

I wondered why God would play with my heart only to leave it bare – unprotected in this moment of loneliness.  

For a second, I wondered if this was all dream. That would make it better and easier to deal with. But I’m wide awake and afraid that I’ve lost my someone. The person who was made for me. 

I silence my thoughts and close my eyes…and I say a short prayer. 

“Please bring him back to me safely.” I let a tear fall and lay on the couch pillow.  

Then I heard a door slam. Like a car door. 

I spring up from the couch and head to the front door. Before I can open it, I see headlights diming as a shadow moves toward my door. Is this something coming to tell me about Cade? 

No. It’s Cade.  

I open the door and stand looking at the man I love.  

“I’m so sorry, there was an incident and then I listened to your message and…” 

I couldn’t listen to him in more and I pulled him into me, taking his lips into mine. It was a bold move that changed our lives faster than either of our words could.  

He held me tight and me enjoyed our winter embrace. Snowflakes melted from the love growing between us.  

Each kiss was more perfect than the one before. Each touch conjured up more heat than than my body was willing to share outside. So, we went inside.  

No more words or thoughts were needed. Each moment was dedicated to our new connection. I took his coat off and placed it on the rack, where it will now sit everytime he comes over. He placed his keys in the island basket and waited for him on the couch.  

Our eyes locked, telling our souls what we needed from each other, which was a simple answer of “more.”  

He sat next to me on the couch and I turned my back to him, inviting him to unzip my sweater. He accepted the invitation.  

I almost thought for a moment and then I stopped, allowing my soul to live.  

My sweater fell off my shoulders. Sitting topless in front of him didn’t feel foreign, it felt appropriate for what I wanted next. He kissed my neck from left to right and back again. His palm caressed my spine as I memorized the size of his hand.  

A small moan escapes me. I’m ready for him for him to see me. I turned and faced my love and watch his face begin to glow. He was more than satisfied in this moment and we were just getting started.  

I unbuttoned his shirt, then unzipped his bullet proof vest. I don’t know what actually happened tonight, but he doesn’t need this to protect his heart anymore – I’m here.  

Breast to chest, we kissed and let our hearts get what they desired. The snow fell up to 7 inches, we couldn’t match that but four times was enough for now.  

As I said in the beginning, my longtime friend has become a short-term lover and only time will tell how it all ends, but how can things go wrong when two hearts beat perfectly together, all the time in unison, to their own special beat.

#12DaysofaShortStory Challenge – Day 11

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I know, I know, I’m behind but honestly I was definitely being a bit ambitious when I thought I could do this twelve days consecutively. But I’m giving you the next to last day right now so I hope you’re not too disappointed. Day 11 is below and Day 12 is on the way…don’t forget to check up on Day 1-10 here.

The Season for Living: Part XI

The phone rings for the tenth time. I’ve tried to call back three times with no luck. I’m no longer worried, I’m frantic.  

There was one other time that he didn’t pick up but he called back right after he missed the call. It’s been at least ten minutes, which really feels like sixty minutes.  

I put the phone down and pace. Pace to the kitchen. Pace to the front door. Pace back to the kitchen. My phone rings. I grab it and it almost slips out my sweaty hands.  

Shit its mom. Not right now mom. I hit decline and send a text of “I’ll call you right.” 

I don’t feel bad about it because I need him to call me back. I’ve got to keep my line clear. Hopefully he wasn’t calling while she was. I’ll call again.  

It rings four more times and his voicemail picks up. This time, I have to leave a message. 

“Cade, it’s me. Please call me back asap. I’m so damn worried. I hope you’re okay. You have to be okay. I need you to be okay…because…I…I love you too. I’m not saying that because you said it. I’m saying it because now I know it. I’ve been thinking and thinking and I know that we’re different. I know that the way I love you is different from any other man that I’ve ever loved. It’s deeper than the love I have for my best girlfriend. Right now, I’m going nuts because I’ve finally figure it and now I can’t even get to you. I don’t even know if you’re okay.” My eyes fill with tears and I try to keep my voice calm.  

“Please call me back now. I love you. I need to know that you will be okay…for us.” 

“Your message has been accepted.” And then the phone hangs up. I hate when voicemails cut me off but I’m not sure I had much more to say.  

My heart was in my throat and my stomach turned tighter than a coiled rope. I pace to the door and look out. I would give anything to see him walk up. I can’t lose him now.  

To be continued tomorrow…

#12DaysofaShortStory Challenge – Day 10

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Here we go–Day 10! I’m back on it and I hope you’re enjoying the story. Let me know what you think in the comments section and make sure you’re up to date. Catch Day 8 and 9 here.

The Season for Living: Part X

The short hand reaches the long hand and I know that 8:45 p.m. is his lunchtime. I dial his number and it rings. I wait and I wait. He’s not picking up but I’m willing to wait some more.  

Our short time away from each other on the phone has opened up new thoughts and wants. I want to know what we could be. I’ve thought about how much he means to me. So, I’ll wait for him to pick up.  

Then he does. “Tee, I’ve got to…” 

I have to interrupt him before my confidence waivers.  

“Cade just listen; I love you too. I’ve loved you for a while now but more as a friend, which also seems to be like a relationship but you know what I mean. If this is love, I’m willing to try it. I just can’t lose us. I need us to work, either in a relationship or as friends but I need us. I think you’d agree when I say that this friendship is unlike others. It’s not necessarily normal but it’s for us. Just like a relationship would be. It’s a unique situation that I love and the common denotator of it all is you.” 

I take a breath and give him a moment to squeeze something in, and he doesn’t. I listen to the air in the background and I continue.  

“I felt something when I first saw you and I’ve felt it ever since. It wasn’t until you said something that I even realized that these feelings were more than just a friendship. You’re closer than any of my girlfriends and more loving than my father. You’ve been around when I didn’t know that I needed you. You’ve listened when I didn’t know I needed to talk. You’ve looked at me when I’ve felt ugly and worthless and told me that I was worth more than the world deserved. You’ve filled my soul with what it needed far before I knew what I wanted. But now I know I want you. I want us. I want to try this, together.” I waited one last time for a rebuttal but nothing.  

“So, what do you think Cade?” Silence. And then I hear a murmur in the background and his voice yelling at someone.  


The phone hangs up. 

To be continued tomorrow…