[Poem] I Understand

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In honor of World Poetry Day, here is a piece from my book Like. Love. Lust., available on Amazon.

I Understand
by DNC

Delicate kisses on the nape of my neck,
Remind me of a long night and heated sheets.
Your index finger takes a ride on my endless curves.
Remembering all the shortcuts and dead ends that you graciously seek.

Pillow cases damp from the clinching of my teeth.
The neighbors would not and could not know your name,
Not at least this soon,
Not at least without some additional inner peace.

Peace of mind to know that what was done was real.
Real emotion. Real intentions. Real connection. Real for me.
How could something so sweet and innocent,
Make my body lose control and release this inner beast?

A shy girl now lost in erotic thick bushes and tall canopies,
Steps back out of the shadow a lioness.
Proud, sensual, carefree and in control of her land,
Her temple, her very own savannah masterpiece.

A perfect arch calls for our body to meet, right in the middle where I can see.
Understanding now how to get what I want from a willing soul.
Understand that my body is much more than a night.
It’s the answer to your condition, your life’s vital remedy.


#12DaysofaShortStory Challenge – Day 3-ish

Okay, I’ll admit it. The amazingly awesome, but still roughish, sex made me fall fast for him. I think he opened up a side of my sexuality I never knew I had.

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Ok, I know. I’m late on this one but the day got away from me yesterday but it’s here. Check out Day 3-ish. Wait…if you missed Day 2, go catch up here.

The Season for Living: Part III

Cameron Michaels was the roughest mistake I’ve ever made. Not the worst but absolutely rough. He was like climbing a cactus then sliding down a dried out 150-year old creek. And still some how I wanted to love him.  

Okay, I’ll admit it. The amazingly awesome, but still roughish, sex made me fall fast for him. I think he opened up a side of my sexuality I never knew I had. It was like trying to tame a wild horse, no more like riding the oldest wooden roller-coaster at Six Flags. Yeah, like that – bumpy the entire way but exhilarating by the end. 

Sex was blinding though. I thought the way he threw me around the bedroom meant that he actually cared about me. Maybe even that he wanted a relationship. Sure, we spent only six hours a day together, and it was normally at night. And when we spoke in the daytime it was only through text but he’s a busy man. He was a security guard, driver and bouncer, and that was just Monday through Friday.  

We didn’t go out but we watch shows and movies when he came over before the rodeo began. In those six hours, he made me feel wanted, like I was worth his time and love. He was my first true lover without the love. I’m lying again. I did love him. I just didn’t know he didn’t love me until I said it on night forty-six, when he finally invited me to his apartment. 

We were laying there, sweaty and exhausted and the timing seemed perfect, so I said it. It just fell out onto the pillow and he said nothing. Our musk was sweet to me but then it seemed like he didn’t care for it anymore. He got up and went to the shower. He’d never done that before. I’m sure he showers afterwards but it had to be after I left.  

I knew I had done something wrong but I hoped it was just my anxiety. He was in there for what felt like an hour and I got the hint. I got my clothes on, took my phone off the charger and waited for a little while longer at the bedside. He didn’t come out. I knocked on the door and said “I’m about to go.” 

He said, “Okay. Cool.” Cool it wasn’t but whatever. I never heard from him again. It was a great lesson for me though. Through the tears and minor heartache, my soul learned that sex doesn’t equate to love. At least not for me. Oh, and it taught me never to say “I love you” before him. Never. Ever.  

So, I totally get why Cade was holding back. You have to, at least until she tells him what he needs to hear.  

“I get it man,” I finally responded. I totally get it and he’s definitely on the right track. I hope she doesn’t disappoint him. He’s a good guy and he deserves real love. 

To be continued tomorrow…okay really later tonight. 🙂 

[SAMPLE ALERT] Book: Like. Love. Lust.

Enjoy this excerpt from my most recent release, a collection of passion-fy poetry entitled Like. Love. Lust.


With all my flaws,     I let him look.
Seeing the imperfections of time,
Wondering about the beauty of the future
And he       never blinked.
He was confident that the flaws he glared at
Were but the windows into the love he’d once dreamt of.
Willing to sacrifice the next moment of realism,
For a fantasy world         filled with wishful ecstasy.


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[POEM] Love Sick


The struggle was real.
My addiction to his affection was cancerous to my soul.
But I didn’t want treatment.
I’d rather suffer with his affliction, then die without such powerful passion feeding my ego.



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