[Writer’s Rant] What fucking formula?


When you love what you do, you don’t do work you just do you. And when you do you, there is no sequence or order to make your passion successful, you just go until it is. Sure, you’re motions might seem similar to others but your footprint is unlike anything that anyone has seen before.

As a long-time writer, but new self-published author, I love when my words hit just right. You know, when the words are so syncopated that it feels like you just took your first breathe all over again. Like your heart was restarted from an impending death just to read those words together. But those moments sometime seem to come slower than I want.

Since publishing my book, I’ve been moving, in search of that next step. So maybe I should just keep promoting. Oh no, I have to keep socializing and networking to build a following. What, but I’ve got to get these next books out that I’ve already started. But wait, when the hell can I do all this with a full family and still a full-time, attention-keeping job? I’ve gotten so lost trying to keep up with writing Joneses — caught up in searching for a formula for success in a world full of amazing authors. I’ve reviewed writer’s guides/guilds, industry articles and author testimonials, seeking to figure out this life-altering “formula”. This mysterious equation that has made good writers great and the okay authors amazing.

But to be honest with you, there is no fucking equation. I believe it comes down to just this; greatness is unimaginable and immeasurable so there is nothing you have to do but be your greatest you.

Stop trying to figure things out and start being who you were made to be. So I’m letting this post start this engine back up, ready to pouring out those pieces that I’ve held back or tried to work around in order to stay in line with others. Let you, the person who took a moment to read this, learn something new about a starving but dedicated artist, not just a writer.

I’m going to give you the best me. It will be raw at times, but honest to who I’ve grown to be as a black woman living in the United States of American — through the tragedies and triumphs that I’ve seen, listen to and studied.

Please continue with me on this journey and thanks for reading my rant — a needed personal rant — that has let the words start pouring again from my soul.

Fuck a formula!