Again and Again #poem

Again and Again

He’s so dope,
So kind
that I pray
to God for two lifetimes.
Two first kiss re-dos,
Two million and one I love yous.



#WritersLife Finally my NaNoWriMo Recap!

November was a beast; a beautiful beast but a beast nonetheless. Even though I didn’t hit my mark of 50,000 words by Nov. 31, I still knocked out over 22,000 words and learned new tricks for 2017. Check out my recap.

Oh…and I did release my second book last month too!

[POEM] I’m Suspicious

black couple embrace

I’m suspicious.
I’m suspicious of the time we’ve spent.
Late nights and long days,
Filled with deep kisses in all the right places.
I’m suspicious of your warm touch.
Catching each tear I shed,
Making my heart leap for your love,
To only keep me lost in our fiery lust.
I’m suspicious because things that are too good have been told to be untrue.
But this right here,
This relentless passionate feeling,
Makes my suspicions entrust in you.



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