#12DaysofaShortStory Challenge – Day 7-ish

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Bear with me guys. I’m fighting a cold but the story must go on! Check out Day 7 below and if you missed Day 6, read the story here.

The Season for Living: Part VII

Butterflies circled in my belly. I nervously waited on his answer but I’m not sure why. What he said was beautiful so what am I worried about? Maybe it’s because…I don’t know if I feel the same. I mean I care deeply for him. I love him as a bff, or even my bro but I’m not sure about my man. I don’t want to disappoint him.  

“Well,” his voice was calmer than the moment before but still a bit agitated, “I don’t know exactly when it happened Tee. I’ve cared for you for a long time.” 

“I know. I care for you too.” Hopefully he didn’t equate that statement to his. “But loving me is different. You’ve never shown me more that friendship. I mean…this is sort of weird.” 

The silence over the phone this time was stiff. Am I doing to him what old boy did to me back in the day? I won’t do that to him.  

“Cade, this is so new to me. Please don’t be upset. I just need to time to think about everything.  

“I’m not asking for a commitment Tee. I’m just telling you what I’ve learned about myself. I know what I want to do professionally and I know who I want to be with personally.” 

First, I was jealous of the love I thought he had for Angie, and now I’m jealous of self-assurance. He knew what he wanted and I wanted to know too.  

“Hey Cade, I’ve got to use the bathroom. Let me call you back.” That was the only thing I could say to keep us from another awkward silence. I need time to think. 

To be continued tomorrow… 


[New Book] Like. Love. Lust.

I’m excited to announce there are only four days left before my next piece Like. Love. Lust. hits stores! It’s currently available for pre-sale on Amazon Kindle. Paperback will be available soon!


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#relationshipgoals A hashtag loosely thrown around, identifying those perfect qualities for the ideal relationship model.

Symbolizing the great times with little—if any—emphasis on the devastating times. What about the nervousness and unsure moments? How about the fallen in and out of love? And what do you do when lust blinds; blocking what is the next best step for you and the relationship?

Like. Love. Lust. is an emotional revelation from DNC that breathes truth into the other side of #relationshipgoals – the real journey. The poetic passion-fy story line told through prose, sonnets, narratives and long-form stanzas, speaks to the realism behind discovering each emotion, and battling with the complexities of their natural course, also known as human nature.

Enjoy a new take on #relationshipgoals where you are free to like instinctively, love differently and lust indefinitely. #likelovelust 

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[SAMPLE ALERT] Book: Untraditional

Wow! I can’t believe the day is almost here. I have one more excerpt I want to share from my first book Untraditional. It’s from the last chapter of the book entitled “The Robinsons'”. Please enjoy and as usual I’m always looking for feedback.

Untraditional will be released on February 6 and I would to see you in Atlanta at the event! Reserve your ticket today.

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The night went on and the club filled up. We danced. We laughed. We drank. Soon Monroe was full and dancing with everyone, including other men and women, but always coming back to Andrew.

Andrew didn’t seem bothered by her momentary lap dances on others. He just smiled and took a sip of his drink. It was weird, but at the same time attractive to see a man so confident and comfortable with his woman.

Men that I’ve seen in similar situations normally end up getting kicked out the club for trying to fight or just stood up for the night because another man just took his girl. But the Robinsons’ relationship was different. It was honest and real; open but trusting. It was new to me.

The mood shifted and a slow song came on over the speakers.

I started swaying from side to side, letting the music take my mind to another place where I had my own Andrew; someone who wanted no one but me; someone who complemented me; from my career and personal endeavors to my sexual needs and yearning to be unconditionally loved.

In my daze I could feel a man’s hands grab my waist, swaying to the beat with me, then pushing up against me, but still to the beat. I let my imagination run and indulged him by pushing my ass up against him. I could feel him getting longer and harder. I smiled to myself and laid my head back on his chest. He gripped my hips harder, pulling them closer and tighter to his staff. It felt good and fit right into my fantasy.

I opened my eyes. It was Andrew. I immediately stopped and looked to see where Monroe was. She was on the dance floor dancing with a guy, but looking dead at us. I took two quick steps from him, totally embarrassed. Even more so, feeling disrespectful of the marriage I had just been admiring.

Monroe started walking toward me, as I was now standing back at the bar. I turned away trying to get the bartender’s attention but also trying to separate myself from this, “hell, naw, bitch” moment I had created.

She tapped me on the shoulder.

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