Give Passion-fy for Valentine’s Day

Love moves mountains,

          Shakes the earth,

                    and explores galaxies.

While passion quiets doubts,

          Charges in with emotions,

                    to marry your mind with your body.


Soooo, it’s a good thing that passion-fy books are waiting for you to gift, read, or just or cuddle next to at night (or am I the only one who does that?) Let these passion-fy books be your icing for a perfect Valentine’s Day!

Choose your passion-fy:

Like. Love. Lust. is an emotional revelation from DNC that breathes truth into the other side of #relationshipgoals – the real journey. The poetic passion-fy storyline told through prose, sonnets, narratives and long-form stanzas, speak to the coruscant diamond of discovering each emotion, and battle with the complexities of their natural course, also known as human nature.
Untraditional was derived from those moments in time where “what ifs” and “should I’s” live. To live untraditionally is to allow your desires to live outside the constraints of a conventional world. What would you do if your college or work crush approached you with a scintillating proposal? Or maybe the nice guy down the hall from your apartment finally notices you? What if you’re thrown into an unspeakably arousing scenario with a duo? What would you do?

Like. Love. Lust Playlist: Top 5 Songs You Can’t Forget About for V.Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! And since my poetry book Like. Love. Lust. is currently on sale (ebook on amazon) I figured I would share my top five songs for each category. Some of these songs were floating around in my head when I wrote this piece and I think they will definitely help to get your going. Oh and let me know if I missed any songs..there’s so many good ones out there!


5) 4 Page Letter – Aaliyah

4) Candy Girl – New Edition

3) Groove With You – Isley Brothers

2) Rock With You – Michael Jackson

1) Come and Talk to Me – Jodeci


5) That’s The Way Love Goes – Janet Jackson

4) Weak – SWV

3) Halo – Beyoncé

2) Ordinary Love – Sade

1) Butterflies – Michael Jackson


5) Turn Off The Lights – Teddy Pendergrass

4) Freak Me – Silk

3) Erotic City – Prince

2) Skin – Rhianna

1) Do You Mind – Janet Jackson

Extended Playlist (Because getting those list down to 5 were too hard)

I’ve Got Nothing – Whitney Houston

Let’s Stay Together – Al Green

Say Yes – Floetry

Let’s Wait Awhile – Janet Jacksonw

All The Time – Jeremih

Jupiter Love – Trey Songs

Knockin Da Boots – H-town

Bump N’ Grind – R. Kelly

Rocket – Beyoncé

Speechless – Beyoncé

Right Here – SWV f/ Michael Jackson

Fire and Desire – Rick James and Teena Marie

Crown Royal – Jill Scott