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  • The Right Time to Write

    The Right Time to Write

    There is never a right time to write but always time to write whether the time is right or not. Sometimes you just have to start writing or typing to let the story flow. Planning helps but when your mind drifts to the perfect line or scene don’t wait to get it out. I use […]

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  • #writerslife Working on My Ship

    #writerslife Working on My Ship

    There are so many moments in life where we lose ourselves in the world’s chaos. Moments where our roles overlap so much that we lose sight of how valuable it is to give each responsibility their necessary nurturing. That has happened to me over, and over, and over again. And, I understand that will continue […]

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  • Why I almost gave up writing yesterday

    Why I almost gave up writing yesterday

    I ALMOST GAVE UP Yesterday I asked myself, what the hell are you doing? Writing!? For what? Fuck writing. You don’t have enough followers on your social channels. You haven’t heard back from the one agent you submitted to. You haven’t finished any of the stories/novels that you say you want to publish. What in […]

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