New cover, new outlook, same sexy verbiage.

If you have been following my social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) you might have noticed something different…yep my book cover.

Here are five reasons why I change my book cover:

  • Change for the better: As a businesswoman and a marketer, I understand that winter-2017-untraditional-cover_b_frontsometimes you have to adapt your strategy to get your product, i.e. my words, more visible to an ideal audience. FYI, keep reading to get a discount on this “change”.
  • Realism vs. animation: I like to think of myself as a creative being, and even though I love my original cover because it depicts the woman who I strive to be—quietly sexy and choosing to go my own unique way—I needed it to draw in new readers within the current contemporary/erotica genre. My reality check is that Passion-fy is in it’s grassroots phase, and will take time to catch on. And that’s okay too.
  • Standing out and not away: So yes, my cover was depicted from my own thought, which was untraditionally outside of the normal erotica theme. But I was okay with that until I noticed that maybe it was a tad too far from those who are used to seeing other books within the genre. I’ve received great feedback on the stories so I took a take a step back, but still up, on the cover.
  • Feedback from a big wig: They, as in Barnes & Noble, didn’t say they didn’t like my cover, but they did bring up “helping” with cover designs *wink wink*.
  • Gut feeling a.k.a. instinctual: The last and probably the most important reason is this; I already knew this was going to happen. This new cover was actually the mock up for the final illustration. So I think I already knew this day would come and here it is.



Those are my reasons and I’m optimistic at this new look. My hope that this, you and anyone else who hasn’t picked up my book, will take a look at the cover + the reviews and go ahead and take a chance on a new, passionate author.

For those of you are prefer the new cover to the old, I’m giving a discount on the paperback version for a limited time. Use promo code 3RJC3YSM when you purchase through CreateSpace to save 20% on a newly wrapped piece of passion-fy. Just in time for the holidays!

Tell me what you think of the cover? Who wore it better: Cover A or Cover B. 



[POEM] Ode to Tupac Shakur


Young, gifted and black,
That was his acclaim.
A notion highly controversial for some,
But the facts still remain the same.

He was a vigorous spirit,
Unable to accept failure or defeat.
A new-age king with lyrical delivery both poetic and profound
Spiritually speaking from the streets.

Thug passion was more than just a tattoo or exotic drink,
It became a state of mind for a man moving,
A rose growing in front of a mirror.
That single rose that grew from the concrete.

And when he saw his reflection,
Black power covered him, even guiding his sight.
But seemed to get lost on sexism and coastal rivalries.
Rivalries that could be charged for the loss of his life.

I remember a single tear,
Falling at the sound of that news.
I never knew him personally,
But that still didn’t change that he was all that I knew.

He was a movement,
One that almost broke hip hop.
But that destruction would’ve been worth it.
Cause he would’ve built it back stronger than we every thought.

From the ashes arose a destiny,
Rumors entangled with living mystery.
Naw he’s not going to die. Not today.
His words breathe life into reality. Machiavelli.

So yeah, a bear does shit in the woods and wipe his ass with a rabbit,
Don’t you see?
There will always be truth and honor behind a plight as beautiful as his,
Imperfect and strong. Irreplaceable and Outspoken. A true living legacy.


Love, DNC

[VIDEO] “Spur of the moment with Author DNC” on YouTube

My mind has been all over the place, jumping from project to project but one of them is almost ready! Get a sneak peek and let me know what you think.



[POEM] Ode to Aaliyah


There was never a heart as crystal clear.
She wore it on her sleeve,
But never in fear.

Music sang through her veins,
Spreading love and young provocative nature.
The world was indeed hers to claim.

But don’t get fooled by the boyish persona,
The lady like was well reserved,
Any king was destined to pour praise upon her.

Cause when age ain’t nothing but a number,
4 page letters are easily written.
Scrolls full of undeniable, angelic wonder.

But To be called home early, triggering worldwide emotional earthquakes
Sparking an endless need for a resolution
Only faith,
And love,
Breathe light into darkness for such a beautiful and unforgettable namesake.


Rest easy and fly high!