What if??

I believe every person has always wondered “what if?” And Untraditional helps tap into some of those moments we have all experienced. My favorite of the stories was definitely The Robinsons. I really connected to that story and it left me wanting to know more about the characters. Please do your self a favor and read DNC’s work…and I hope more stories are to come.

– Shanna K. (Amazon Review)

Money Well Spent

Oh my goodness!!! This book was a serious page turner. My favorite stories were the Pleasure Principles (part 1&2). I was NOT READY for its twists and turns and I literally turned over in bed and told my husband about the main character who had the confidence and was adventurous enough to do 2 dates in 1 night with 2 guys. I don’t think I could have achieved that one. I REALLY enjoyed the inner and outer confidence each black women in this book possessed. It was beautiful read that left me wanting more. Just as others suggested, I could very well read books based off of the characters in each of the short stories.

– KellyK (Amazon paperback review)

A spicy and fun read

Having never read a book in short story format, I was unsure what to expect. Although after reading this compilation, I am glad that I did. The characters are well developed and the stories give just enough to make you want more. It was fun to imagine the ‘what ifs’ when reading through the stories and putting myself in the characters’ places. Overall a recommended fun and spicy read.

– Chris (Amazon Kindle Review)


I REALLY enjoyed this book. This is my first time reading erotic fiction. But now that I have, it definitely won’t be my last. I woke up early this morning and decided to start Untraditional. I thought I would just read a couple of chapters and ended up reading the WHOLE thing! Let me just tell you, I can’t wait to get home to the hubby tonight! “Nuff said. I look forward to reading more from DNC.

Camille Dangerfield (Amazon Review)