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  • What if??

    I believe every person has always wondered “what if?” And Untraditional helps tap into some of those moments we have all experienced. My favorite of the stories was definitely The Robinsons. I really connected to that story and it left me wanting to know more about the characters. Please do your self a favor and […]

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  • Money Well Spent

    Oh my goodness!!! This book was a serious page turner. My favorite stories were the Pleasure Principles (part 1&2). I was NOT READY for its twists and turns and I literally turned over in bed and told my husband about the main character who had the confidence and was adventurous enough to do 2 dates […]

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  • A spicy and fun read

    Having never read a book in short story format, I was unsure what to expect. Although after reading this compilation, I am glad that I did. The characters are well developed and the stories give just enough to make you want more. It was fun to imagine the ‘what ifs’ when reading through the stories […]

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    I REALLY enjoyed this book. This is my first time reading erotic fiction. But now that I have, it definitely won’t be my last. I woke up early this morning and decided to start Untraditional. I thought I would just read a couple of chapters and ended up reading the WHOLE thing! Let me just […]