Some of you may know me from H.E.R. Crisis, where I touch on topics that uplift and create conversations about life’s obstacles and achievements.

This blog is a switch of pace. At a young age, I enjoyed writing short stories about escaping from monsters and best-friends going on forest adventures. Now in my adulthood, I still dabble in storytelling, however, focused on more mature subject matter. From love lost to love found to jealous fights to lustful excursions — I address them all in my writings. When I started this blog, my hope was to use this as an avenue to find the courage to release my first book which I’m excited to announce I debut my first (Untraditional) and second (Like. Love. Lust.) books in 2016!

My literary journey continues…So what are you waiting for? Go explore my chronicles— my literary journey, indulge in my enticing poems, take a mental break with one of my steamy and humorous short stories, or be productive with writing tips in #WritersLife. Let me know what you think…please don’t make me beg for your feedback 😉 Have fun!

Welcome to my Chronicles.


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