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Black women’s voices deserve to be heard. Our stories, our lessons, our experiences are as powerful, if not more at times, than the next woman’s. As a black woman, I’ve been told that I’m passionate, but not in an enduring way. It has been used as a tool to speak of my limitations. Being passionate, has long been seen as a weakness of women and in particular black women. Passionate for us falls into categories deemed as aggressive, overbearing, boisterous, naïve, and other preconceived notions. Passion is nothing less than powerful, and at H.E.R. Legacy, LLC, we invite black women to share the power behind their voices and minds through words. 

H.E.R. Legacy guides writers, poets, and new and published authors to share their voices through traditionally published books, ebooks and audiobooks through H.E.R. Legacy Media and the H.E.R. Crisis blog. With an eye on elevating passionate voices, we take short story and poetry writers from romance, fantasy, horror, and YA, pulling them together under the passionate fiction, or what I’ve coined passion-fy, genre, to publish narratives that speak emotional truths to various experiences from a black woman’s point of view.  

Submissions will open December 2020.

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