Pure Urbanism: A mini soap [Episode 2]

On the previous episode…

Nathaniel proposed to Robyn for the third time to only get rejected once more. Her ambitions to play house and not be a traditional wife are starting to wear down and confuse Nathaniel.

Daniel and Maria meet up for lunch to catch up on each other’s lives, however, Daniel was only interested in reactivating their side commitment to each other and not to their new loves. Maria tries to level with him but she gives into his relentless pleading.

Phyllis and her sons Marcel and Michael are left at the house to discuss how the family is doing with Marcel’s decision to open up to his parents. In the meantime, George leaves to go meet with his mistress Tammy, who has just saved her best friend from a horrible first date with Gary.

On to the next episode…

Scene 1

[The scene opens with George and Tammy talking to Kimmy at the restaurant. Kimmy has thrown back a couple of drinks, after realizing that her date was gay. Her date has left the restaurant after Kimmy has blatantly ignored his apologies.]

Tammy: Kimmy do you want to slow down on the drinks?

Kimmy: Tammy, I am an idiot! I actually thought we were a good fit.

Tammy: No you’re not. You are just searching for the right guy and he is out there. Just make sure you are choosy on the qualities…I would just make sure he doesn’t like shopping as much as you!

[They both laugh and George jumps in the conversation.]

George: Bartender let me get three shots of Patron.

[The bartender pours three shots and they put them up for a toast.]

George: Let’s toast to life, love and finding Kimmy a great husband.

[They drink and Kimmy grabs her purse to get ready to leave the restaurant.]

Tammy: Kimmy you can’t drive. Give me your keys!

Kimmy: I’m not going to drive, I going to walk this off.

George: I don’t think you should walk the city by yourself.

Kimmy: Someone will be a fool to mess with me tonight. I would beat the shit out of them.

[Kimmy balls up her first and gets in a boxer stance. They all start laughing.]

Tammy: We’ll, we are going to head out too. George has a long night ahead of him.

Kimmy: Whatever…I’m out. Tammy I’ll call you when I get home.

Tammy: You better!

[Tammy and Kimmy hug and Kimmy shakes George’s hand. She heads out the door to only notice that Gary is sitting outside. She does her best to avoid him by walking the other way but it doesn’t work.]

Gary: Kimmy, please wait!

[Gary runs up to her. Kimmy turns around to yell at Gary.]

Kimmy: You are crazy and a damn liar! I can’t believe you set me up!

Gary: I didn’t lie. I was going to be honest with you but we were interrupted.

Kimmy: Oh now you wanna be honest. Really…Really!? Ok we’ll here’s your chance…be honest!

[Kimmy crosses her arms and leans to one side. She quickly stands up straight to avoid falling on the ground in her drunken state.]

Gary: Ok look, I think you are beautiful woman and I really would love to get to know you better. But I am bisexual.

[A blank stare falls over Kimmy’s face. There are several moments of silence.]

Kimmy: Are you shitting me! What!?

Gary: I’m being honest. I prefer women and men but I’m not exclusive with anyone. Can we at least redo this date and then you can make a decision after that. Please!!

[Kimmy folds her arms in front of her and squints at the thought of giving this liar one more chance.]

End Scene 1

Scene 2 [After their lunch meeting Maria and Daniel decided to break away from their partners to grab dinner at their favorite sushi restaurant. The scene begins with them meeting up outside of the restaurant. They greet each other in a tight embrace with Daniel ending the embrace with a soft forehead kiss. They enter the restaurant and are seated by the hostess. The waitress comes over to the table.]

Waitress: Good evening guys. My name is Sarah and I’ll be right back for your drink order.

[They nod at the waitress and she heads off.]

Daniel: I’m glad you could get away.

Maria: It wasn’t hard. Brandon has been working late and had to work tonight.

Daniel: How convenient…

[Maria raised her eyebrow and smiles at Daniel. She reached across the table and grabs his hand. The waitress walked back over.]

Waitress: What can I get you two to drink?

Maria: I’ll take a top shelf margarita.

Daniel: And I’ll take the same.

Waitress: Sure thing. I will get that right away and might I say you guys make a really cute couple.

[The waitress walks away and the two just stare at each other. Maxwell’s song “Sumthin’, Sumthin’” fills the air.]

Maria: Do you remember this song?

Daniel: You know I do. 5 years ago, in the dormitory at the Red Light Party. It was the first time I could get up the nerve to ask you for a dance.

Maria: I thought you would never ask.

[The two moved a little closer over the table, enjoying their reminiscing session. Daniel looks over Maria’s shoulder and a look of anger rushes over his face.]

Maria: What’s wrong?

[Maria turns around to see her boyfriend Brandon walk through the door with a women in a tight black pencil skirt and a blue top. Before she could turn away Brandon finds her and immediately heads over to the table. Daniel stands up to protect Maria as he approaches.]

Brandon: Maria, what are you doing here? You didn’t tell me you were meeting up with Daniel.

[Maria stands up and steps in front of his face.]

Maria: And I thought you had to work!

Brandon: I am. We just stepped out to grab some quick dinner. Ambrosia this is Maria, my girlfriend. Maria this is Ambrosia, she works at as our Admin.

[Ambrosia waves at Maria and Maria gives her a fake smile back. Brandon turns and puts his hand out to Daniel.]

Brandon: Long time, no see. How have you been man?

[Daniel puts out his hand to shake Brandon’s.]

Daniel: I’m fine man…You know just grinding.

Brandon: That’s good man. Well we have a take-out order so we’re going to go ahead and grab it. I’ll call you in a couple hours baby. We should be done by then and I’ll swing by.

[Maria nods and Brandon kisses her on the lips. Daniel turns away and sits back down. Maria watched Brandon and Ambrosia leave. Ambrosia waved and mouthed “bye” to Maria. Maria sits back down with Daniel and leans back from the table.]

Daniel: That was close huh? I thought he was either going to punch me in my face or I was going to punch him in his.

[Maria sat unresponsive.]

Daniel: Maria…say something!

Maria: What are we doing? What am I doing? I need to go.

Daniel: Wait we haven’t even had our drinks.

Maria: Danny I need to go. Why am I doing this to another guy? Why are you doing this to her?

[Maria stands up and grabs her purse. Daniel stands up and grabs her arm, pulling her to him. He kisses her and she pulls back. Maria pulls away from Daniel and leaves the restaurant. The waitress heads back over to the table.]

Waitress: Your drinks sir.

[Daniel sits back down at the table and takes a sip of his margarita, waiting for Maria to come back but she doesn’t.]

End Scene 2.

Scene 3 [Robyn and Nathaniel leave the theater after seeing the play ‘The Color Purple’, Robyn’s favorite. He has one more surprise up his sleeve. They stop at the fountain outside of the theater. The fountain is lite up with blues and greens under the moon light.]

Nathaniel: So I have one more surprise for you.

[Robyn’s face lacks the excitement and she stands unimpressed with her hands on her hips.]

Nathaniel: Well I was hoping to be engaged today and this was going to help celebrate the occasion but either way I booked us a trip to Hawaii this weekend. I know its short notice but if I told you, you would have figured out a way schedule a meeting or you would’ve ignore me all together. Surprise!!

[Robyn’s face has not changed from before.]

Robyn: WOW, that’s cool. But you know I can’t do something like that so sporadic. I need to be available at my job all the time.

Nathaniel: I’m sure you can get away for one weekend, can’t you?

Robyn: No I can’t. We have too many events going on right now. You know that. Can’t you change it?

Nathaniel: Sure but to when? You will never make time for a trip with me. Hell I have to beg you for the little time I get when your home. What’s your problem? I’m trying to spend some time with you.

Robyn: You do spend time with me. You know what I think you’re trying to do…you’re trying to control me. You want to get married so you can keep me at home, cooking and cleaning for you and jump whenever you say so. And I’m not doing that shit Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: What are you talking about? I want to marry you because I love you and want to spend my life with you; raise a family grow old together.

Robyn: Bullshit Nathaniel. You want me to be like your mother, catering to your Dad’s every need and just popping out kids.

Nathaniel: Is that really all you think my mom does? You know what Robyn, this is dumb!

[Nathaniel turns and starts walking to the parking lot. Robyn walks after him yelling at him the whole time.]

Robyn: What’s dumb, huh!? Me wanting to have my shit!? Me not wanting to lay under you and be at your beckon call every second of the hour, of the day!?

[Nathaniel stops and turns around.]

Nathaniel: No Robyn. What’s dumb is that no matter how much I try to tell you and show you that I love you, you will always get back on this independent woman tip. I don’t give a shit what you have, I love you. But you know what…I’m tired of trying to convince you of that.

[Nathaniel turns back around and continues his walk to the car.]

Robyn: So what are you saying?

[Nathaniel stops but doesn’t turn around to look at Robyn.]

Nathaniel: You need to make a choice…me or your insecurities? I’m tired of trying. I’ve done it for too many years now. I’m not going home right now so you might want to call a cab.

[Nathaniel continues to walk to the car. Robyn stands watching him leave. Her expression is a lost but not angry. She reaches in her purse and calls the nearest cab company.]

Robyn: Yeah can some come pick me up from the Fox Theater?

End Scene 3

Scene 4 [George and Tammy are in the hotel room and Tammy steps out of the bathroom in nothing but a G-string and a bra. George lies back on the bed and awaits her arrival on his lap. Tammy takes her time reaching the bed, giving George ample time to prepare for the damage she was planning on inflicting on him. She climbs on top of him and begins to kiss around his neck and then moves to his ear.]

George: I love you.

Tammy: What?

[Tammy stops and sits straight up on him.]

George: You heard me. I love you.

Tammy: What are you trying to do, mess up a good night?

[George is confused and sits up with Tammy on top of him.]

George: How does that mess up the night Tammy?

Tammy: I don’t know what has come over you but we use to have fun. Now you’re trying to get all serious on me, talking about this ‘I love you’ shit.

George: Forget about it then.

[George tries to bring the mood back by kissing on Tammy’s neck, but she doesn’t respond.]

Tammy: You know what…I think we need some space. For real!

George: No, no! I’m good. You’re just so beautiful that I lost my mind for a second…I’m back.

Tammy: No, no, no boo. You have been trying this whole old school courting stuff on me and I’m not going for it. I’m not going to be taking care of your old ass. You knew what you were getting into when you met me at the club. No love, no strings attached.

[Tammy gets off of George and heads back in the bathroom to put on more clothes. She comes out with shorts and a t-shirt on and lies in the bed next to George.]

Tammy: Well you did it…you spoiled a good night. I’m going to bed because I’m leaving in an hour.

[Tammy turns over and closes her eyes. George turns on his side and looks at the back of Tammy. He scoots closer to her. He gently and slowly puts his arm over her. She immediately brushes it off.]

End Scene 4

Scene 5 [Phyllis walks out of the master suite’s bathroom and into their bedroom. She gets in the bed. She turns to look at the clock and notices that it’s 2:00 AM and she hasn’t heard from George. She looks at her cell phone but doesn’t bother to pick it up. She turns off the light and closes her eyes. She turns in the bed to his empty side and begins to cry.]

End Scene 5

Scene 6 [Kimmy enters her apartment and sits down on her couch. She lies down and looks out the window. She feels her phone vibrate and notices a text from Gary.]

From Gary’s Cell Phone: Kimmy I’m so sorry about tonight but please let me make it up to you. You’re a beautiful person and I really feel like you were made for me.

[Kimmy starts whispering to herself.]

Kimmy: Me and every other man and woman.

From Me: Gary I hear you but I think it’s too much. I have competed with women I can’t even begin to imagine competing against men too.

[Kimmy’s phone immediately starts buzzing.]

From Gary’s Cell Phone: You’re not competing with anyone. We are just getting to know each other. Come one beautiful! Let me take you to the winery this weekend. Just me and you, no interruptions…please! J

[Kimmy puts down the phone and looks back out the window. Her house is quite. She bites down on her lip and picks back up the phone.

From Me: Ok Gary…but this is your only chance. I don’t have a great feeling about this but I’ll try.

From Gary’s Cell Phone: Thank you! I’ll text you the time and place Friday. By the way, you have beautiful green eyes. Good night sexy.

[Kimmy puts down the phone and smiles to the moon outside. She finally is able to find some energy to make it back to her lonely bed to fall asleep.]

End Scene 6

Come back next Thursday for the next episode of Pure Urbanism…

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