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It’s not “okay” Ferguson

So I wanted to do a different post today; something that was focused on winning the war and not the battle. Or something positive and inspirational for all my fathers, brothers, sons and nephews back home. But I woke up this morning with a different feeling, a feeling of anger, stress, frustration, anxiety, worry and exhaustion. The verdict is in as we can all see as they prepare the city for the anticipated violence and destruction; violence and destruction that wouldn’t happen if justicferguson-missouri-8e was served.

Gun sales are up. The city is calm as if a monstrous storm was heading its way. My Auntie told me that she felt in her spirit that things weren’t going to be right weeks ago. And now, more than likely, by the end of the weekend we will know that it’s okay to take another young black man’s life. So what am I supposed to tell any black man or boy in my life? Don’t be mad? The law will protect you? It’s OK? But it’s not OK!

I have witnessed my husband getting pulled over because he was in a nice vehicle by two white police officers. I’ve heard many stories of constant harassment of black men in their own neighborhoods, as if they didn’t deserve to live there. I’ve watched young black men and women get harassed by police officers as a white crowd fights nearby on the street.

So why don’t they deserve to feel safe? Why do they deserve to keep getting murdered by the masses, whether it is by our own community or the law? I struggle not to tell fathers, brothers, nephews and sons to watch their back. Stay protected at all times because the US struggles to find worth in each breath you take?

 “Rioting is the language of the unheard.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Michael Brown of Ferguson, MOI want to tell them it’s ok to be mad and scared because you should be. But to take those emotions and make them drive you to a new level, greater than your oppressors. But what this “new level” looks like, I have no clue. All I know is that our leaders like Dr. King and Malcolm X pushed us to advance ourselves and be greater than our evils. Hell we finally got a black man into the White House so we’ve come a long way…right? I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been very supportive of the President remaining fair yet unapologetic for his stance on certain issues like the Trayvon Martin case or his political stance on LGBT rights but I feel like this is a time for him to get furious and state what he has held back for a long time. He has dealt with undeniable racism from other political parties and public news outlets which has siphon down to our young men.ferguson-630x354

So as you can see I’m at a dead end. The optimistic, inspirational side of me is searching high and low for a resolution but the realistic, pessimistic side of me wants to push every black man and boy I know to not be scared to fight back at any cost. You are worthy. You deserve a chance and you need to make sure that you are given that chance.

Please share your thoughts because it hurts my heart to not have anything more “positive” to state but I feel like our harsh reality has come to a peak and we are running out of “positive” answers. #prayers #ferguson #nojusticenopeace

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5 responses to “It’s not “okay” Ferguson”

  1. The reality is that we do have to tell our husbands, fathers and sons to watch their backs, it is f’ed up, but unfortunately that is the reality. The justice system was not set up to protect the minority period. I believe that yes everyone should be able to put their foot down and say enough is enough, but how that message is communicated determines the final outcome. I believe the President does get pissed off, but how he reacts is in ways that we may not see. When he is opposed by other parties he does not just give up, he keeps pushing forward and that in itself is powerful and is the message that we should communicate to our communities and to our youth. Just because you are opposed or put down, you defeat or “embarrass” those who do not want to see you succeed by keep pushing forward and not letting anyone or anything stop you. Not everyone is made to be the MLKs or Malcom X or Ralph David Abernathy’s of the world, I believe the greatest impact starts within the household. As you stated you want to be able to speak up when you feel you have been mistreated, well by giving yourself the okay to speak up and teaching your kids that they have a voice that has the right to be heard, encouraging them to be the best them, to be successful, to know their worth and respect themselves and others will have a bigger impact on our community and on society than you think.

    • Very good point. Everything should always start in the home but I think sometimes our community forgets that. A lot of the time they are looking for someone to show them rather than them showing and discovering things for themselves. Thank you for sharing!

  2. It is very sad, because there is no answer, and no person of color is safe. It will always be someone else’s word against ours. No matter how educated, all it takes is a moment, and it can happen to any person of color man or woman. It doesn’t matter if a young man is the preppiest, smartest kid around, he can be stopped in the “wrong” place and accosted by law enforcement, or worse some crazy gun toting neighborhood watchman. He can be shot and nothing will be done. If a white person accosts me (a woman) and I defend myself and the cops show up and shoot me, that is my fault? Essentially, our justice system seems to be saying “too bad, you shouldn’t have been born black!” We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the Preservation of LIFE, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness; …Oh yeah that’s right, the Constitution isn’t for us…

    • Lisa C. that is exactly what I’m struggling with. My husband and I got into an argument today because he felt that we should not have a direct response and that black men must continue to show that they are better than what the racist think. I told him we have shown the world that…hell we have a Black President. Our black leaders are known around the world and are well respected. Our physical shape, color tones, style, and music rule the world. Our culture has shown that we are greater than what past revelations have portrayed. We can unite with all cultures and create change. But no matter what, the “good ole’ boy” principle still sits at the head of the table in key positions. Yes rioting and looting is bad, but what is a community to do when they have tried so hard, prior to Michael Brown dying, to remain “compliant” and look towards equal rights to only be shut down and isolated. WE are exhausted and now emotions are taking over. Thanks for this wonderful post!

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