I inhale the past…

I inhale the past. Those moments that were in my control. Those moments of clarity that showed me my next best steps, helping to complete small tasks on my list. None that may have been on my original 2017 goals list and tasks that were not necessarily easy but still totally worth the work.

Then I exhale the future. Moments that I have no clue about. What is going to happen, when and how? Who was going to be involved or who would be lost along the way? I let out worries about those moments I could’nt control even though I’d prayed many times for them to come to fruition. 2017 was not the time.

Then, I open my eyes to a reality blessed with pure love, dedication and faith. Many things that people search for but don’t realize that live right under their noses. I see it and I know that I’m blessed.

And I hope you see the same.

2017, wow! So much happened and didn’t, but either way, what a year of reflection and refocus for me.

No, I did not get all the posts up that I wanted or finish the novel currently resting on my waking thoughts. No, not everything that I hoped for or prayed for each night came to fruition but so many things that I never asked for, nor that I ever dreamt of, did.

And that is what we call the gift of life.

I pray that this last post of 2017 urges you to reflect on what energy you put into your life and what energy you put out into the Universe. Be proud that you are still standing to flourish another day and challenge yourself to take it up a notch, or two, in 2018. Be picky about who you add or keep in your circle and cherish those who continue to stand beside you through all the crazy that occurs in this life.

Remember: Life is a journey, full of good and bad unknowns. Some that will hit when you expect it while others may knock the breath out of you unexpectedly.

God bless you all, as we head into another year of evolution. 2018 will be the best year yet. Plan it well and never miss a day of living it to its fullest.

With passion,


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