When is it the Best Time to Write About Pain

I can never forget about my pain so maybe that’s why I can’t take passion-fy off my mind. It’s a place I’ve lived and written in because it feels good. And even though their is a message around every moment of ecstasy, it’s easier to live in a fictional world of pleasure.

But one day, my pain will live in books as my therapy and a testimony for others who can’t forget either. Pain is powerful and at times rational since it’s gives you the lessons you need to move onward. I actually can’t wait to write about it one day, because it will be deep and soulful. It will change a life a two. It will tell my girls what I could never say out loud. It will tell the stories of others who have built me up and those who have tried to break me down.

But for now I choose to live in words that make me smile and imagine a life that I haven’t lived. On chapter left to review and I’m getting the query letters ready to go.

I’ve created a new world I’ve out of this pain. Now that I think about it, maybe I’m already using Pain’s power.

With passion,



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