Erotic Fiction Fridays: Unknown Visitor

So excited about #EroticFiction Fridays on This week that featured one of my stories, Unknown Visitor.

H.E.R. Crisis

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

This week, we’re kicking off a new series, Erotic Fiction Fridays. Black women are unique and beautiful beings. Our essence is copied by many, judged by all but worshipped by not enough. This series will introduce you to the layers of sexuality and power that lives within the plight of a black woman, told through various views. Keep up with the series by subscribing to the blog and following the writers. Now on to your #FridayRead [Mature content]

Unknown Visitor

by DNC
(@author_dnc |
Chapter excerpt from the Amazon best selling book Untraditional: A Collection of Passion-Fy Short Stories.

HE STAYED TWO DOORS DOWN from me. I saw him as I walked upstairs after a long day at work; 6’2”, mocha-skinned and shining from the sweat of just playing two hours of basketball at the YMCA. He carried his basketball in…

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