Mercury Retrograde took my Creativity

Photo by: Unknown

Thank God we are finally through another Mercury Retrograde (July 8-July 31, 2019) because I almost lost all of my creative juices. Okay, yes I lied in the headline because this recent event didn’t take my creativity permanently but it did stall it for the majority of the month. It wasn’t until a week or so ago that I realized what was happening, which is why I did a quick “Spur of the Moment” video on YouTube.

My whole world was rocked in July; I lost my grandfather, I was passed over for a job opportunity, I STILL don’t have a literary agent for my current manuscript and I was completely exhausted from all my traveling. But mixed in with the hurt and confusion was joy and happiness; I got to celebrate my girl’s upcoming nuptials and we went to Disney (the land of smiles and joy).


So I’ll swap my description from “rocked” to “busy,” but either way, writing felt nonexistent (There’s a bright side coming just hang on). But through all of that chaos (See here it comes. Told ya!), somehow the fog lifted and I was able to conceptualize another novel. Yep that’s right; add another one to the list but I hope to publish this one, digitally at least, by the end of the year. It can happen, right?

Either way, let this be a reminder that even in your most erratic and chaotic moments, a calm will still set in and you will be pointed out of the anarchy. Sometimes, you just have to go with the ridiculous flow to make it out on the other side.


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