Romance novella Office Extravaganza by DNC

Pre-sales have started for OFFICE EXTRAVAGANZA

I’m so happy to kick of this next week of #quarantinelife, sharing my next book, Office Extravaganza with you all. Please pre-order the 2nd book in my “Pick Your Passion” series on Kindle and it’ll hit your device on Friday. Other platforms are coming soon.


Book Synopsis:

Natalie is a woman with some serious lustful habits. Through it all, her boyfriend, Jon, continues to stand by her side. Natalie is tired of ruining her relationships but she can’t seem to fight tempting distractions- especially ones around the office. With the help of a Sex Self-Awareness Trainer, can Natalie break out her own cycle and be the perfect woman for Jon? Or will her new Trainer ignite a new desire in Natalie–one that will make Jon walk away?

Expanded from a short story in DNC’s bestselling book, Untraditional: A Collection of Passion-Fy Short Stories, Office Extravaganza is a romance novella rooted in love but driven by lust that allows readers to indulge alongside the characters. In this second book from the “Pick Your Passion” series, readers pick what characters are thinking and how they should act.

This novella is an alluring page turner that allows readers to choose a different choice for Natalie, over and over and over again. See where your imagination can take you. Who knows, maybe Natalie’s choices can entice you to take another look at how lust drives (or doesn’t) on another to love.


with passion,


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