First Quarter Catch-up

I know it’s been a while since I’ve shared my thoughts and news here so I figured since I have some unexpected brain space that I’ll slap this post up to let you know exactly what’s been going on in the life of DNC.

You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea

Writing a book is exciting, exhausting, hilarious, tedious and absolutely fulfilling! I’ve been so excited about my most recent launch that I’ve done a chat about U2 on YouTube (see what I did there). Take a peek into the series with my first video and then join my Passionate Patreon family to see each episode. I’m excited, and a bit nervous, to talk about the terms that I list in the book. I’ve used what I’ve learned about the erotic community, like the relationship between a sub and dominate and what various kinks are out there, to tell some steamy and intense stories about six women in their late 30s.

Hey hey! If you haven’t grabbed your autographed copy of my book yet, I’m running a sale that is now only available through my bookstore so make sure you reserve your copy today before the sale is over.

Working with Writers, writers and More Writers

It feels amazing to work with new and current authors and bloggers through my agency. H.E.R. Legacy has helped me to not only share self-publishing tricks and tips that I’ve learned over these seven years, but it has also reenforced what my purpose is here on earth–encouraging others that their voice is need and wanted. This is year two and I’m so excited to watch my new authors put out their first book! From poems to thrilling page turners and motivational illustrations, these writers are introducing us to words that will make you want more. Plus, I’m also mentoring a writer who wants to take her self-publishing journey into her own hands, with my healthy guidance. If you’re looking to connect with writers in the Atlanta area or are looking for free writing resources and tip, subscribe to the H.E.R. Legacy blog. When it comes to writing, life is good! And you know I’m here if you want to chat about your words too.

Life Still Be Life-ing

Yeah, I’m still mothering, working full-time, and trying to enjoy life while also staying healthy and planning for an early retirement. It’s been emotionally nuts the last couple of years, but all I can say is “but God!” I know you’re like, “what happened,” but one huge lesson that I’ve learn this first quarter is that sometimes, majority of them really, it’s best to handle life-ing in private. Social media has the world wondering about everyone’s business and I’ve intentionally chosen to only share certain things, which hasn’t accounted to too much. With us living in such a judgmental world, it’s completely okay to leave things out of the public eye. Sure, “they” will make assumptions but always remember that doing so will make an ass out of them every time. Get comfortable in your own skin and life experiences, and don’t feel obligated to tell the world every step of the way. Just you moving and thriving tells them enough.

Quick Reminder: I do have a monthly book club, Wine Down with Words, that you are always welcome to join. This week we are chatting about the Zodiac Academy: The Awakening. If that’s too soon, sign up and join us for our next book, Finding Me by Viola Davis. We love connecting with new readers!

Alright, my soapbox and update are done. Until next time passion-fy fam!

With passion,


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