About DNC

Amazon Best Selling Author, African American Erotic Romance for: 


Untraditional: A Collection of Passion-Fy Short Stories

Featured in the Anthology Georgia’s Emerging Writers Series

Creator and contributor on H.E.R. Crisis

DNC is an emerging writer, poet and inspiration pusher who’s debut romance and erotica novella, Untraditional: A Collection of Passion-Fy Short Stories, hit Amazon’s Best Seller’s list several times in its first year. With the goal of merging contemporary romance with poetic innuendos of erotica, she’s dedicated to encouraging women to pursue their personal passions in their own unique way. This blog, her books and her growing writing addiction is a childhood daydream that is finally coming to fruition.

Her work is also diversifying. She currently is pitching novels in these genres:

  • Romance (Passion-fy/Erotica, Comedy, Poetry)
  • Young Adult
  • Suspense / Thriller
  • Horror

DNC is currently seeking a literary agent or publisher for her third book that stars a women protagonist who reverts back to savage instincts on a journey to find the woman she needs to be — even if she has to fight the world at each step. 

Do you know someone looking for a passionate and dedicated storyteller who is all about empowering and uniting women, specifically black women? Leave a note for DNC below. 

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/paSHen, fī/

noun. intense and pleasurable fiction

  1. a term coined by DNC describing a genre of fiction depicting intensely emotional characters usually based in untraditional sexual scenarios.
  2. the poetic marriage between contemporary romance and erotica.
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Literary Agents and Publishers Wanted!

DNC is on a mission to find the right literary agent and publishing house to partner with on her next literary pieces. She has three pieces currently in progress:

  1. An extended novella to a popular story found in her Amazon best-seller Untraditional: A Collection of Passion-Fy Short Stories. (Currently in editing for book 1)
  2. Untraditional II, the follow-up to the first book.
  3. A dramedy that shares the plight of two women connected by a blended who find out they are actually soul sistas – their adventures as wife and mother of his child bond them on a new level.

***Serious inquiries only!***

DNC is passionate about her craft and she’s looking to find a literary home and partnership with like-minded, optimistic and dedicated professionals.

“I believe in all that I do and do only things that I believe in. Words are my air and my passion. I have so many stories to tell and I know now is the time to get them out – for my sisters, my daughters and the legacy that I know I must leave behind.”